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  • surfandski surfandski Mar 6, 1998 5:34 PM Flag

    ArF linear diameter array samples

    How can 0.08 microns beat 0.025 technology ?
    What are you guys smoking ?

    0.080 is BIGGER than 0.025 . What are you guys taking
    about ? Clarify. I don't own this stock yet so I am

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    • Cymer has been to 21 in after hours.
      I heard a rumor about an upgrade? Watch for it before Monday.

      To all my Cymer friends, you know who you are,
      Have a good weekend.
      I'll be back Monday morning for the party.

      Gone to buy a Golf Course!


      PS. NO PRISONERS -- arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!

      • 1 Reply to dowuptick
      • If you are a long term investor with a safe deposit box think about taking your shares in certificate form.

        Most shares held in brokerage accounts are available to be sold short. That was one of the really small print paragraphs on the back of the brokerage form.

        Don't worry about any losses your broker will keep you whole on your long position. But, your broker is lending your shares to those wishing to short the stock. If you request your shares in certificate form, your shares will come out of your brokerage account and cannot be sold short. If no other shares can be borrowed, either the broker will have to buy more shares or the short must buy shares to close out thier position.

        Given the float numbers posted on this board there are not alot of CYMER stock out there.

        You can open an account that does not allow your shares to be sold short, however they are usually not margin accounts. You may need to sign new paperwork to open a new account.

        Sqezzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz emmmmmmmmmmmm.

    • Typo, please keep flames down for the first typo :-)

    • It was suppose to be .25 not .025