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  • beercur beercur Nov 1, 2000 4:45 PM Flag

    Needham Analyst Talks Cymer Earnings With
    Needham Analyst

    PHILADELPHIA, Oct 31, 2000 CYMI
    with additional discussion on Dupont Photomasks
    Inc.DPMI and Photronics Inc.

    Gist of it for Cymer fans is that she gives a target
    of $36, for 12 months?, and also that growth for '01
    should be around 22% instead of the guided 35% to

    I distrust Needham, and I personally wouldn't
    invest or divest based on what they say. I did, however,
    take the shares I averaged down last week with and
    sold them today. The large block sells this morning,
    how AMAT and ESIO got creamed early on, and the
    negitive comments about Cymer's sector, made me take the
    money and run. I still have half of my investment with
    money waiting in the wings for the next down turn.
    Which brings up... "Where have you gone, BBC and Slim,
    Jesus holds a place for those that pray, hey, hey,

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    • Don't trust this firm. Think about "UNFY", which
      was recommended by Needham. After I bought UNFY at
      17, I sold at 8 within a month. The good thing is
      that I got out. Now it worth nothing. They usually
      downgrade the stock at bottom, upgrade the stock to strong
      buy at"peak". I really think do the other way is

    • Now we're getting close to my point. If actual
      growth turns out to be 22% and Cymer ramps for 22%
      growth, $36 is probably a conservative target. If actual
      growth turns out to be 22% while Cymer ramps for 35-40%
      growth, EPS will be much lower than expected and there
      will be much consternation here.

      Once again, to
      own Cymer now is a wager on management's estimate of
      sales growth.