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  • dcxavier dcxavier Nov 3, 2000 8:46 AM Flag


    Call me ass-wipe? I thought you had more
    character than that. I'm as heavily invested in semi's as
    anyone here (KLAC, NVLS, CMOS, SMTL, ...), but I try to
    keep an emotional detachment from what I own. There
    are two sides to every story, and I sometimes try to
    point out the risks behind the investment. Calling me
    names and blatant cheerleading doesn't change those
    risks one iota.

    Just so you know, I greatly
    appreciate your work to keep us fully informed about
    activity in the business. That helps to make the Cymer
    board the class of Yahoo Finance. But since most people
    are here to make money, we should strive to present a
    complete picture of the investment world, so we can make
    informed choices.

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    • "Learn to read, you idiot."

      I suggest you
      should follow your own advice:

      Otellini gave the FIRST hint of a TOTALLY NEW processor
      that Intel is developing solely for the notebook PC
      market. He didn't elaborate, but said it's the FIRST
      processor the company has ever designed from scratch solely
      for mobile PCs."

      Duh! What don't you
      understand? First hint? totally new? first from scratch?
      solely for mobile?

      Learn to read

    • Read my lips:

      Intel has spoken about chips that do what this one does.

      Learn to read, you idiot.

      Oh, and welcome to my ignore list.

    • They can't shut me up, but they sure can slow me
      down. I think we will have to come up with an
      alternative sytem for upcoming events. But if we disclose it
      here, I'm sure they will infiltrate and obstruct.


    • you're right...thought I'd read something in your statement that lead me to believe you most be short. please except my apology.


      • 3 Replies to snoilliz98
      • Apology accepted. In the fifteen years that I
        have had brokerage accounts, all of them have been
        plain vanilla--no short sales, no options, no margin,
        no commodities. I do not share the visceral dislike
        of short sellers, market makers and proprietary
        traders that some on this board do. A lot of short
        sellers are people like you and me looking to make a
        buck. A couple of months ago, I was sorely tempted to
        short LHSP with the scent of fraud in the air. Would
        that have made me the devil? I don't have a problem
        with MM's and traders... but I do have a big problem
        with SEC rules that give these people unfair trading
        advantages over the rest of us. Fact is that these people
        are part of the game, and you do what you can to turn
        this knowledge to your advantage when

        This is one of the few Yahoo boards I frequent because
        the level of discussion is high without all the
        ignorant shills and cheerleaders that seem to grow like
        weeds around here. I encourage everyone to keep it that

        Good luck to all with your investments.

      • how can anyone even think to short cymi

      • Good story appeared in Red Herring today - see

        partial quote:

        "IBM's suspiciously timed
        announcement no doubt will send fear into potential investors,
        since IBM has been a longtime supporter of Transmeta.
        But the fact is that Transmeta isn't a one-trick

        Sony Electronics, NEC, Hitachi, and
        Fujitsu already are shipping, or plan to ship, notebooks
        powered by Crusoe. "These companies are taking the lead
        in longer battery life, which is what consumers are
        looking for as computing and the daily business
        experience become increasingly mobile," notes Transmeta
        spokesman Phillip Bergman.

        In addition, Gateway
        (NYSE: GTW) plans to use Crusoe to power America Online
        (NYSE: AOL)'s Web pad Internet appliance. Gateway and
        AOL, a Transmeta investor, are expected to unveil
        their plans for the wireless Internet appliance shortly
        after Transmeta's IPO, according to sources familiar
        with the companies.

        "I don't think people
        should look at the IBM news as an IPO killer," Mr.
        Gwennap says. "Ultimately, the Web pad market could be
        bigger for Transmeta than the notebook market."

        And, of course, Transmeta is targeting a huge market
        -- cell phones and portable computing devices --
        that would benefit from its superior battery life.