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  • dcxavier dcxavier Dec 4, 2000 11:04 AM Flag

    the losers, 10/1, al gore edition

    Here is an excerpt from today's "Abreast of the
    Market" in the WSJ. It pertains specifically to telecoms,
    but the thoughts are


    Finance officials at the telecom carriers know the
    capital markets are cutting them off, but the engineers
    haven't bought the story yet, [Mr. Sagawa] says. As a
    result, "they're not telling vendors 'We're going to back
    off spending,' and since salespersons aren't hearing
    that from customers, CEOs of [equipment] companies
    aren't hearing the message from the salespeople. Mr.
    Roth is hearing his own people saying 'It's not that
    bad' because the message hasn't gotten all the way
    through. The capital market is saying it is that

    Mr. Sagawa concludes, "A lot of the companies... just
    haven't yet fully capitulated to the market. When they
    do, we're due for a round of downward revisions."

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    • The chickens are coming home to roost. Of the two
      court decisions, I found the U. S. Supreme Court ruling
      for clarification the most pleasing. Rather than
      overrule the Florida Supreme Court decision to extend the
      certification deadline outright, the Justices decided to let
      them twist in the wind by asking the Florida court
      "How the heck did you come to _that_ decision?"
      Penumbras and emanations aren't acceptable at this point.
      No BS allowed. The Florida Supreme Court is now
      faced with the twin tasks of answering to the U. S. as
      well as fielding the appeal of this afternoon's
      ruling. Sweet!

      I hope it's clear to everyone how
      important an impartial Supreme Court is. It's almost enough
      to restore my faith in the justice system.