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  • dcxavier dcxavier Dec 28, 2000 8:32 PM Flag


    Especially for those who complain about Cymer
    management. Check this


    Westell warned today. Reduced sales estimates for FY 2002
    by over 30%. Also reported a billing error that will
    reduce net income by ten cents a share!


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    • Seems to just be common place these days....these
      DAYS! Acountting errors....forgot something........give
      us a break!!......years for us small guys to ever
      see........anything agian from this....being tyied up in the
      courts.......major scam & theses company know it....we'll give up
      basically......its a lost about MAJOR LEAGUE
      rip-off.....the courts will figure it out for us;;;;;yeah
      ITS REGGGGGGGGGGGGGED........over,under,sideways &
      THRU..........up yours!

      SNO...sold my wstl long
      ago......buying VVVV...ez 5 bagger in a year or 2 at these some DD please!!! JMO

      • 1 Reply to snoilliz98
      • snoilliz... Sounds like I scratched some old
        scabs with WSTL. WSTL was a playground for proprietary
        traders for most of the year. People here complain about
        manipulation, but it was nothing compared to what was happening
        when the big boys were throwing millions around
        trading WSTL.

        I'm not familiar with VVVV. My hot
        speculation right now is SRTI in the low 3's. I loaded up big
        today. Company has real products used by real people.
        Huge selling lately, company is hurting, but not that
        bad. Like they say, please don't take my word for it,
        do your DD.