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  • Uvalde_Slim Uvalde_Slim Mar 1, 2001 5:03 PM Flag

    The Fed

    This is just grasping at straws and a LOT of wishful thinking, but I would like to see the Fed move tomorrow after the University of Michigan consumer confidence numbers come out.

    I would look for a 50 basis point cut if the numbers are bad.

    Good Luck.

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    • Actually, the best and cheapest way to do the retroactive tax cut is to Announce NO FED TAX WITHHOLDING FOR APRIL. It would be a great political move, in the month we have to pay last years taxes, at least we don't have to pay any this year. The goverment could tell companies to use the current withholding tables for the rest of the year, and begin next year with the new tables. The idea would be to give everyone a 8% tax cut for this year (one month of 12). Everyone should call their congressmen and Senators and tell them that is how they want their tax cut.

    • Thx Slim hope your right, can't take much more of this.....CD's are even starting to look good! IBM has been holding up pretty good...maybe the last one to be taken out & shot.....then the bottom will be put in?! Buying dips don't get it,fundamentals,techical analysis,coin flip ain't getting it either.

      SNO...we need a catalyst...this make take years to recovery....sorry I'm DEPRESSED!!!

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      • Hang in there man. It's been painful but I think we are 5-10% away from a bottom on the Naz.

        Today news about IBM was not really the catalyst I was talking about, but this is
        a great start. The numbers actually need to come through and IBM has to give positive guidance for Q2. Then the markets may finally have something to rally on.

        I will take ANY good news I can get at this point.

        Good Luck.

      • The catalyst hopefully will be significant RETROACTIVE tax cuts. Demo(crats)gogues keep saying that tax cuts don't help that much, but that is because there have never been significant retroactive tax cuts before (only retroactive tax increases).
        It is nice that 2 months after a rate cut John Q public gets his home equity bill and saves $25 in interest, but it is even nicer when John Q public wakes up and reads in the paper that he just got a $1500 tax break he can collect now!!!