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  • Uvalde_Slim Uvalde_Slim Apr 10, 2001 10:14 AM Flag


    Don't be fooled by this brief rally we are seeing. MOT reports today and it won't be good.
    Two things to key in on is how the market handles it. It should be no surprise. Even when things were great, MOT always seemed to have choppy numbers. The next key and more important, is guidance for Q2 which shouldn't
    be great either.

    Any positive surprises will be constructive to
    building a floor in this horrific market.

    The clouds are breaking, albeit ever so slightly. Notice that the market has a few good days now instead of being down for 7-10 days straight.

    Good Luck to all.

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    • Remember, the contrarian calls only work on the trades we actually make. If we continue to hold, that is a strong bearish indicator. If we sell, then the rise will continue.

    • I don't believe this. Cypress comes out with a terrible warning/forecast and I say, well no need to carry the torch to the single digits, so I sell. Two hours later it's up over a dollar from where I sold it. Man, when it comes down to it, I don't know what the hell I'm doing and I continued to get screwed at every turn. So my attitude is now screw the market. I quit, I'm done, I'll invest in my mutual fund and that's it. Cash me the fuck out... agggh...


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      • Hope you pop in now & then beercur always enjoyed your thoughts on things. We all been slapped around here lately. Pick-up a couple to many screamin buys here lately, only to see them almost cut in half. Mutaul funds...own 4 different Janus Funds...can't complain sense I've owned them from the lated 80's....clipped by 40%-50% in 9 months. I'm just a poor bastard again!...LOL

      • Sounds like you and me both have great futures as contrarian investment advisors. We simply post the transactions we do with our real money, our clients will make opposite trades, and we can collect a 10% fee on the profits our clients will make. There has to be a way we can make money on our God-given talents!

      • You did what you thought was best. Major resistance for CY is at 20. It looks like it may have some more gas to go up another point or 2, I'm not trying to put salt on the wound.
        There's a lot of bad news out there, so you may be glad you sold it when you did. I don't know where you bought or sold it, but you could buy it back after 30 days as you know. Hell, you may even buy it back a lot lower than what you just sold it for.

        I've been there more times than I care to remember. You learn from it, take some time to regroup your thoughts and move on to the
        next trade or, buy something your gonna hold for the long term.

        Good Luck.