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  • dcxavier dcxavier Jun 21, 2001 11:31 AM Flag

    Re: The Bob & Bill Insider Sales Show

    Are you complaining about Cymer, Curley? Check out TMTA. There was MASSIVE insider selling in May. On June 12, management stated that they would make the quarterly numbers. On June 20, management stated that sales would miss by almost 50%!!!

    My situation has been similar to Gariver. I spent two weeks on the road delivering to a customer and have a couple of weeks to go. In the middle of this, I closed on a house. I'm still sitting on mostly cash since early May, occasionally day-trading for nickels and dimes. This feels like winter, some stocks are starting to appear on the radar screen, looking like they are priced for bankruptcy. It looks like we are in a short term down cycle in the chip equips, wouldn't touch Cymer quite yet.

    Good luck to all, hope you weren't in TMTA!