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  • oedd1159 oedd1159 Jun 28, 2013 2:10 PM Flag

    Give me a valid reason to buy Fiat

    Why should i buy this company. Impress me.

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    • You shouldn't, if you don't have a reason, know a reason, you should move onto something you do know.

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    • mkneafsey Jul 25, 2013 3:47 PM Flag

      read the morningstar report

    • reason number one... they dont (s)uck like GM and F. they don't just produce upside down BOAT HULLS in any shade of SILVER you want! they make driving fun and exciting... like TESLA and KANDI. TSLA and KNDI. btw... KNDI is bottomed... retested today... and shorts are covering... and on the 50 day moving ema. is that good? LOL

      I really have been a FIAT fan since they rescued Chrysler from the Nazis. Chrysler's have been getting more fun too. anything but another c(r)appy version of a Chevy Cruse / Ford whatever. How long till the big dead dinosaur american companies roll over... enough of the expensive plastic and aluminum already. Time for real cars again from real visionaries. Go Fiat. Go Pirelli and Michelin.

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    • 2014 jeep grand cherokee tdi version bluetec diesel - same diesel that mb uses..

    • FIATY = (.585) Chrysler + (.9)Ferrari + Maserati + FIAT + more - a rough SOTP analysis keeping in mind when they buy out the rest of Chrysler the synergies will be very important. This is very conservative.

      Chrysler = EBIT of $2.1B * (.585) * US Auto EBIT Multiple (let's use 9) / 1.25 B shares = $8.85 per $FIATY
      Ferrari = (.9) * 350MM Euro EBIT * Multiple (10) * ($1.30 per Euro) / 1.25 B S/O = $3.28 per $FIATY
      Maserati = 42MM Euro EBIT * Multiple (10) * ($1.30 per Euro) / 1.25 B S/O = $.44 per $FIATY share
      Fiat = 204MM Euro EBIT * Multiple (3) * ($1.30 per Euro) / 1.25 B S/O = $.63 per $FIATY share

      -They will buy out the rest of Chrysler in time, even at asking price it will be cheap relative to Ford and GM multiples
      -Ferrari is an iconic brand that is worth even more than that conservative amount
      -Maserati will be dramatically increasing their production, helped by the lower price point Ghibli alternative to Mercedes and BMW
      -Fiat suffers from atrocious conditions in Europe right now, but any recovery will help
      -Alfa Romeo is coming back to the US
      -Under-utilized factories in Europe can be used for other market cars once they consolidate into a truly global operation

      Sentiment: Strong Buy