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  • upwardmo upwardmo Jun 22, 2009 12:31 PM Flag

    just started a position

    2000 shares at around $17.30. I've always liked EVEP and am delighted with this opportunity to establish a position in what I believe is a strong MLP at a nice price.

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    • dareacre Jul 17, 2009 9:49 PM Flag

      Hi Guide..just now saw this post, and thanks again, I do appreciate advice. I am a little bit reckless but am learning after only a month doing my own account's investments. SAY is actually doing nicely for me. MPEL, not so much, or CTIC, but I am long on all of those and just keep an eye on it, and like to see it go up a couple cents at a time. LOL. Good luck to you all.

    • Pam, I won't keep bothering you, just want to acknowledge your kind reply and say good luck. Stuff like 300 shares of CTIC at 1.32 won't kill you no matter how that one comes out, so you might as well leave it alone and pray. It's not that different than betting some chips on "26 red" at the roulette table. You'll probably lose, but --who knows??

      As for new money, when you have it to put into this account, I 'd just give you the simple guideline of looking at the S&P 100 index of stocks -- the largest 100 companies in the US -- and note a dozen or half dozen that you either like, are interested in for some reason. You can find it in the NY Times Biz section most days, or, on the S&P website:,3,2,2,0,0,0,0,0,2,3,0,0,0,0,0.html

      Then, when the market is down, you buy your way into these stocks, maybe a third or half of a position at a time. that way, like with your GE, if you are excited to buy it but then it tanks, you can buy some more (I think you said you did that--and it went down even more! -- Well, that's what investing in the market is about. You have to be prepared for that. The main thing is, if you believe that we are now in a deep recession and you figure we'll be out of it way before you retire and need the funds, then you can make bets on good companies at historically low prices now -- even GE at , say 13 -- and figure in 10 years, it could easily be 30 again. This only works if you hold on to the good companies and if you expect we will climb out of our current mess. I certainly do -- it's hard to proceed on any other belief. What, this is the end of the world?

      So don't worry about big-company stocks you've bought recently; there's a pretty good chance you'll make money on them if you have patience.

      The other thing is: you mentioned the gambling thrill. That is honest of you to admit , and I admit to feeling it too; but it is best to keep the outright gambling -- like the CTIC investment, for ex. -- only for money you won't care if you lose ALL of. The money you will have to live on in 10 or 15 yrs, that money I'd try to be fairly conservative with, in relative terms. All stocks are risky, compared with CDs, for example; but Johnson and Johnson is a lot safer than CTIC or SAY!!

      good luck.

    • ok thanks

    • correct, other items show up on the K-1 for the calendar year.

    • I just bought into this stock . Are you sure than 100% of distributions are deemed return of capital -none is from income? If so then you are correct

    • unit holders receive distributions not dividends and they are classified as a return of capital. If not reinvested they reduce your cost basis for your position, and if reinvested they establish a basis for that amount of the distributuion. Federal tax, other than K-1 items, not due until you sell the position.

    • If you own shares in a non- tax deferred account you have to pay tax on dividends whether you take them in cash or reinvest them

    • dareacre Jul 2, 2009 12:45 PM Flag

      That would make my life much simpler, hope you are correct. thanks to all for any advice. I like to keep it simple, and use a short form doing taxes. Don't like the idea of complications.

    • I nibbled on CPNO, MWE and VNR today, and sucked it up to buy more EROC, but not EVEP. I want to see what the post-dilution distribution is going to be. I'm guessing $2.50, and at that rate it's not quite juicy enough if you think there's a good chance the market's going to continue drifting down.

    • dareacre Jun 22, 2009 1:06 PM Flag

      I am new to investing, took over my ira funds to do it myself, and am losing big time today, but am thinking of buying some of this stock. The divs seem very good. I just wonder if it is going to drop again soon, or start back up immediately. I might buy some today adn then buy more tomorrow if it goes down some more. is that a good strategy? I need the voice of experience if you don't mind sharing some knowledge. Thanks in advance, Pam

      • 3 Replies to dareacre
      • Pam, hold your horses. Is EVEP the only stock you have or intend to buy? If so, you will surely want to diversify. This is a risky investment -- no one gets (or gives) 16% distributions for nothing.

        If you bought some, and want to buy more , at least wait a while and see how the stock does. The market doesn't look like it is about to rocket ahead, and the price of oil and gas is down of late; so don't be so quick to buy a full position. Wait, and watch. Do some research. Diversify. and then think about what makes most sense to buy next.

        If you haven't been running your IRA, you have lots to learn before taking a full plunge into shark-infested waters of retail investing. People are out there ready and able to take advantage of you.

        I say this being a EVEP holder, but having had my head handed to me twice over 15 years in the market -- around 2002 and last year again. Try to diversify -- that is the main lesson! And don't take risks you can't recover from!

      • pam, you might want to review the neverending discussion regarding mlps in an ira. If you hunt around a bit you'll find lots of info and opinions.

      • No one can answer that question. But I can tell you with certainty that buying today, you are getting EVEP for almost $6 less than you would have a few weeks ago. And that's a GOOD thing.

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