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  • jrfillion jrfillion Jul 17, 2009 1:15 PM Flag

    I really didn't do alot of "dd" when I

    bought this; I was speculating as crude fell. But; having some time today and seeing it back off I did look a bit more closely. I must be lucky! It actually looks good! One of the things I really liked is it's dividend history; they keep going up!

    Even when oil and NG were going down they were increasing the dividend. Intelligent hedging or Ponzi scheme? A little reading convinces me it must be good hedging; too many analysts like them.

    I'm sure most folks here already know all this; I am the new kid in town! I know, they recently raised money by selling shares. But I expect they will continue raising the divvy in spite of so called "dilution". People alot smarter than me say they used the money wisely.

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    • For what it's worth, the other MLP's I own are DPM (Conoco Phillips and Spectra Energy are the GP's), EEP and LINE. All very, very solid companies. As I mentioned, I did a week of intensive DD before I selected these companies. I also would like to own WPZ and NGLS, but don't yet.

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      • dareacre Jul 20, 2009 10:25 PM Flag

        I have cop and it hasn't done very well for me. I bought too high, then bought when it dropped, but it dropped a lot more after that buy. :/ I am new to investing, but am learning as I make mistakes. I think of selling cop and putting that money in to something else, or else just holding it and buy cop back lower if it drops. It was 45+ when I first got in.

    • dareacre Jul 17, 2009 9:44 PM Flag

      Welcome to EVEP board. I too, am a new "kid" on this board. I just stumbled on to this one and liked the div so bought some shares. I noticed also they are in Houston, so I liked that since I am 30 miles from there. So far, I am very pleased with this investment, bought at 17.50 and would like to add someday if it dips enough for me. I am using my IRA funds to invest now that I got ride of the financial advisor I had that was charging me and also lost fifty percent of the IRA when the market sank. Good luck to all. This seems like a small, but very classy board.

    • I think you made a good decision. I did a solid week of DD before deciding which MLP's to buy. EVEP is pretty solid.

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      • I didn't do hardly any DD. I just signed up for "" a couple days ago and there was a button on the web site that said "High Profit Stocks". I pushed it and got a long list but EVEP was at the top. I clicked on it and it took me to Yahoo Financial were I found the P/E is less than 2 and they earned $14.82 a share last year. Even though I know that won't be repeated I bought 200 shares today but will buy more Monday. The 16% dividends will, more than likely, continue (or was there a one time large dividend?). Pretty obvious I didn't do my DD. It has been trending up since November and looks like it has much farther to run.

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