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  • ferdiefor ferdiefor Dec 10, 2009 6:37 PM Flag

    Looks Like The Shorts Are Driving

    Yes they did but so did a lot of other MLPs that I own. NGLS didn't move yesterday but moved today.

    SEP went down at first yesterday then up and up again today. SEP got a big boost from Wall Street Transcripts as a top pick of MLPs with strategic corporate partners.

    NS was up big on a favorable revision in asphalt consumption in 2010 and this month's top pick by Richard Band.

    It seems like EVEP just powered. EVEP is on Citi's top pick list and is their top E&P pick.

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    • Ferdie,
      NGLS has moved 10% since Dec. 1 and broken thru technicals. Bill Gross from Pimco has a nice article, his December letter, where he talks about modest going forward gains from equities in an environment where the ton of cash in money market funds is earning nothing. What to do? He suggests utilities because of their yield. I think we are discovering yield again. But, the streets idea about MLPs has always been go with the safe pipelines. But, as money moves to the pipes for yield, it also discovers to other MLP sectors. There's the traditional gatherers and processors and the new class E & P's. In the G & P's, the yields have been very high and it's now being discovered that some of them are looking pretty good going forward. NGLS is one of those. MWE is a kind of growth and income midstream. In the E & P sector, there are a number of solid companies. But, it's the trend toward yield that is moving these companies, in my opinion.

      The E & P's are perceived as risky, but I think it's a bit overdone. The good businessmen, who purchase properties and hedge wisely, are really doing quite well. As this is discovered the E & P's should continue to reprice. EVEP should trade around $30 at this juncture. But, if the street gets comfortable with these guys, you never know.

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