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  • bobbobwhite bobbobwhite Mar 19, 2010 1:11 PM Flag

    dropping like a rock

    if the market tanks on monday due to obama's put-poor-black-people-first health care bill, we will have a pissed off citizenry like you cannot believe. and, it will be almost on the anniversary of last year's killer low.

    what sh*t this country is coming to is hard to take.

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    • I agree with you 200%, Bobbo. I'm fed up with B.O. and his useless cabinet (only 8% of these yahoos have ever had a real job!!!). This country is going to Hell in a hand basket under his Socialistic regime. God help us if he wins another term!!!! The effen idiots who voted for this smooth talking empty suit had better check their brains at the door. The @#$% could hit the fan next week when this health plan gets approved on Sunday, imho.

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      • We used to have proven professionals in America who wanted to serve so they left their professions for a term or two in elected/appointed office and then returned to their real jobs. That was the intention in those days, not to stay long. Now we have career politicians spending their entire "working careers" in gov't offce.

        Is it any wonder we now have the terrible state of affairs we do? None of these useless types have the experience or interest in doing their jobs as they used to be done by others before them, thus none do. And, we are stuck with them.

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