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  • rancher5858 rancher5858 Sep 19, 2011 5:47 PM Flag

    LNG surges

    LNG surges as Japan Vies with China. ExxonaCtm's shipments grow.

    You are all right, Nothing is worth more than what anyone else will give for it. But, if all EVEP;s assets pan out, this baby is going to be worth a lot more in the near future. For instance, I bought in a couple of years ago at $19.00 and again a day or so later at $20.00 something. Have been buying on the dips every since. I also originally bought for the distribution. Been a heck of a ride, mostly UP> A High Five to all the longs here.

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    • "this baby is going to be worth a lot more in the near future."

      in the near future? The US has no way to capitalize on Japan's LNG import prices. There are no LNG export facilities in the US. that article has no short term implication for EVEP (or for any US producer). There are some export terminals in the proposal stage - construction would not start till end 2012 and would not complete till 2016. By then the US shale gas boom may have been reproduced in other parts of the world where they are just getting started copying US techniques. By the time US exports are possible, there may be a worldwide glut and no demand for exports.

      Not saying EVEP doesn't have a bright future but it has nothing to do with Japan or LNG exports. Don't expect to see $20 NG price in the US for decades. $5 ceiling for some more years is most likely.

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      • Are you saying that LP will go up to around $20.00 overseas and stay at $4.00 here? lol
        And yes, I am familiar with the difference in prices of North Brent crude and the local stuff.

        CHK had 154,993 shares traded after hours at around $30.41 which is $4,713,337.10
        EVEP has 9432 traded after hours at around $72.23 which is $681,273.36 May have more trades.
        I put a bid in for 500 more EVEP as I think someone is toying with the small fry to frighten into selling.

        Please feel free to share your views with me.

    • Link doesn't work, can you repost?

      This is the third article in a few weeks about the need for LNG overseas. My question is, why aren't more companies building export terminals other than CQP?

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