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  • aghfella aghfella Oct 21, 2012 11:29 PM Flag


    Good article in NYT today. It is somewhat factual,but I think it was really put out there for scare tatics

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    • Let me see if I can guess what the article says (based on it being in the NYT) without reading it:

      * Fossil fuels bad
      * Solar and wind good
      * Obama good
      * Romney wants to put women in a binder
      * Fracking causes cancer
      * Fracking causes earthquakes
      * Anecdotal quote about having a friend who had a neighbor whose cousin had flame shooting out of her kitchen faucet after fracking
      * Quote from a PhD in Biology who says fracking is unsafe
      * Quote from PETA who says fracking scares animals
      * Obama supports green energy
      * Obama good
      * Romney wants to fire people
      * Romney is rich
      * Romney is bad
      * Fracking is bad
      * Capitalism is bad

      Sentiment: Hold

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      • mychkael Oct 22, 2012 11:59 AM Flag

        More crazy fear mongering for the list.....

        Romney will ship all jobs over seas

        Romney equals dust bowl... no work at all in America

        Obama will give everyone a job if you want one

        Obama green energy plan saves planet

        Obama is really Superman

        Obama govt will buy all bad debt to free you from any responsibility

        Obama will support you if you dont care to work

        Obama Marts open across country to give jobs to illegal aliens

        Gosh....this could never end....

      • You left off your list
        1. Romney killed the laid off worker's wife
        2. Mormonism is a cult
        3. Obama is The One

      • artist_formerly_known_as_pooch artist_formerly_known_as_pooch Oct 22, 2012 8:39 AM Flag

        It was as if the article was written 6 months ago. It said that CHK had 1 great well and then Devon had 2 turds. Well, yes, that is factually correct, but it omits the Gulfport, Antero and Enervest wells. And it also doesn't qualify Devon's turds by adding what everyone who looks at a map says about them--Why was Devon Drilling WAY over there??? The article is factually correct in that CHK and Jeffries are talking up their book, but then omits the fact that CHK and everyone else are paying landowners good money to tie up leases. Talk to landowners in the sweet spots. The play is being deliniated, no doubt and there are lots of landowners saying that offers have dried up. But listen to landowners in the sweet spots and offers are up since the first of the year.. And the end of the article was kind of bizzare. The well declined 50% over IP and this is shocking?

        I remember in March, people were in a frenzy because CHK was hiding disappointing wells by shutting them in for 90 days after fracing them. must be some kind of failure. 6 months later, we find out from all of the drillers that this is the preferred completion technique for the area.

        It's noise. Still have 9 days till my prediction of an an EVEP annoucement by Halloween. With some slcak, if we don't have an annoucement by Veterans day, that's when I'll start getting concerned. EVEP has had nearly a year to backpedal, softpedal, qualify, defer, change, alter their timeline. They are still saying close by the end of the year as recently as a few weeks ago. .

      • Great post and an accurate assessment of the NYT

    • The article also clearly shows that Jeffries, who EVEP hired to broker the Utica sale, is the number 1 investment banker in shale deals and has worldwide contacts!!!

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