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  • aghfella aghfella Nov 23, 2012 12:10 PM Flag

    Sold half my position....

    I don't think they can blatantly lie in a news conference. The SEC would be all over them. Of course not telling the truth or being quiet about the truth is a different thing. All in all I like my position here. so we are down $15, I'm still up over $30. Tax wise it doesn't make any sense to sell. I also need to say I'm here for the long haul, distributions will be here for a long time. In fact distributions are about the only thing I'm upset about. I believe they could have and should have raised them a year ago.

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    • Distributions are nothing more than distributing the profits that any business has made. If you distribute to much of the profit, there is not enough to invest for the future. The truth of any business is that it is either growing or dying. EVEP is growing which will mean more profits in the future to distribute. If you don't understand this simple rule, it is best to sell now, get out and quit worrying. A couple of years from now, we will all be wishing we had bought more at around $60.00 when it was cheap.You can bet on it. Good luck on your choice.

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    • The "problem" with EV's distributions centers on the fact that they are essentially a natural gas company and nat gas has been declining as have their hedges. They have done a good job maintaining distributions in this environment. When, nat gas turns some today, they will be advantaged in a big way. It is a factor not thought of often. But, it is one of the many factors that will cause EV's distribution to increase as the years go by. EV is a very long term hold.

    • You are correct about the distributions. The $ .001 increases are an joke. Five thousand shares gets you a cup of coffee. They do this to say we have increased distributions every quarter. Keep the increase and have a bagel on me.

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      • So you would rather have less money and own a stock that wouldn't be able to brag about constantly increasing the quarterly dividend. Sounds to me like you are taking a position against your own self interest. I admit that this issue only results in a small positive. But it does result in a positive and it baffles me why any investor would be opposed to it.

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