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  • quantuon quantuon Feb 26, 2013 4:37 PM Flag

    To all the Moaners/Doubters -

    Go look again at EVEP acreage mapped onto the Ohio DNR's S1, S2, TOC, and R_0 maps

    I just did and I am left shaking my head why all the moaning. Let them issue me more shares and we'll pump it ourselves in a year or two. We're in the best oil and rich-condensate fairway - go look for yourself. Maybe it is not Eagle Ford redux but I'll bet its damn close.....

    good luck y'all on Friday - Im gonna sit on the beach and relax with a bid in the 40s....

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    • (1) Welcome back
      (2) Agree that long term EVEP is in an enviable position
      (3) Good luck Friday on the beach. (I would go to the beach here but it has about a foot of white stuff on it and more is expected.)
      (4) My prediction if the news is very bad is we may see the high 30s for a few days. I would likely be a buyer in the high 30s (depending on what is said at the conference call).
      (5) I sold a small amount today late and will sell more in the next day or two if we get $58.50. Still optimistic but hedging my bets and opening up some space if a major price drop.
      (6) Good luck working on your tan.

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      • Their acreage is on the lip of the oil window. Its not too far west (into Devon territory) so its mature, 100'+ think, TOCs 3 or better - porosity and clay like EF. There are still some "techniques" to be mastered but the value is in the ground, imo. They may very well "disappoint" some with not accepting an offer - they clearly have some in hand - but that is because its worth more. I don't think management is concerned about making the distribution go up today - its about long-term shareholder value (alright unit holder). Arguments about dist coverage are pretty inane - look at LINE or other majors issuing, acquiring, and growing. To get to 37, imo, they have to say something pretty drastic - like oops, we forgot to sign the title contract....

        good luck in the snow

    • The doubters are still here but hoping and praying!

      Sentiment: Buy

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