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  • d_neely Mar 13, 2013 12:20 AM Flag

    Can someone answer this?

    When I read the earnings report I saw several references to millions of dollars lost due to derivatives. I have noticed this same thing on other oil and gas earning reports. Are the management of derivatives always at a loss. I don't ever remember seeing "we gained x million on derivatives". When I saw it I immediately thought what a sorry job of managing financial transactions. But maybe that's just part of the oil and gas business. I saw the same thing with LINE. Can't derivatives be managed where it doesn't result in millions of losses?

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    • Before we help you with derivative hedge accounting, can u do some leg work and tell us what

      a) Realized gain or loss was from derivatives for 2012

      b) Unrealised gain or loss was from derivatives for 2012

      I'm sure you can actually read through the complete earnings report

    • So let me see if I understand -- you say you buy options but you don't know the month or the price. You don't understand mark-to-market accounting. It seems to me you are either an extremely uninformed investor who should really be in mutual funds or, more likely, a paid poster who is trying to push the discussion into certain areas. If it is the former, there are many articles on the net discussing M-T-M. Go do your homework -- that's how you will learn.

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