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  • stanmancini stanmancini Mar 20, 2013 1:20 PM Flag

    How much more of this ridiculousness?

    If in November of last year, a poster came on this board and said we'd still have no sale as of Mar20 2013, what would you have said to him? Laughed him right off the board right? Well it's Mar 20 2013 and the best information we have is 1 month to 1 year. Day after day of nothing. Zilch. No information.

    Is anyone here happy with EVEP? some here said they wer probably "being conservative" during the call. Really? When has that EVER been true?

    How much longer until the sale? Will there be a sale? Will it be a real sale or 1,000 acres, just to say something was sold?

    I echo the sentiment of the other "whiners". I regret buying into the hype. I regret buying EVEP.

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    • Stan--Have to agree with you. The time frame we are given is useless. I guess the good side of such a wide open time frame is it cuts down on wild speculation (like the option money I and many other lost). Is your name a combo of Stan Getz and Henry Mancini? Tough to even trade swings on EVEP now as they are so small.

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