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  • quantuon quantuon Mar 3, 2014 1:25 PM Flag

    True Idiot....

    the true idiot states that revenue is down in 2013. Well the idiot is correct there. Production is up but the blended-hedged price per mcf received was down more and since revenue = production x price, we can see how the idiot came to his conclusion. Of course, the idiot blames EVEP for the not only the spot price of commodities but the price they hedged at 3 years ago. Distribution coverage was 70%, which is what I stated it would be but the idiot...well we all know

    As for guidance, analyst estimate was for revenue of $332 so EVEP beat so where the idiot comes to his conclusions, one can only guess...i suspect he fails to recognize the impact of hedgies which is a typical idiot mistake.

    Now here is a simple task for the idiot. What is going to happen in 2014 when production goes up and the blended-hedged price is higher. c'mon, you can do it!

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    • The more this stock plummets , the more the true idiot , quantuon, comes up with more justifications why we should ignore the past 14 months and even ignore the present and we should also ignore the over 40% drop in the price of this POS since the beginning of 2013- just trust the idiot quantuon- next quarter or the quarter after that or the one after that will be better. You know eventually he might be right but so is a broken clock twice a day. As for revenues- they missed on consensus revenue number.
      Quantron- you must either work for EVEP or be a close friend of EVEP management because noone could be truly as stupid as you

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