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  • lettusnottforget lettusnottforget Dec 20, 2007 6:25 AM Flag

    Capital Growth Report

    Public information - one page summary from google search of their name -

    Report in its wording suggests they were talking with J and J ????????????????

    Report still believes revenue will grow - and that cost cutting is likely

    I still go with an initial gut feeling that the cost cutting potential is there - and if sales can be kept at old level (if they were not COOKED?) that PRST can in next 12 months produce a run rate of 20-30 cents a share of profit

    But that is based on a fabric of past lies and more lies - and has no foundation = other then a hope that the old revenue numbers are say 95% accurate - and not 95% cooked

    I know nothing of this company - this research etc - I saw it on the message board - and only this AM (this night as I fell asleep in chair) did I look up the company reports

    Anyone know who they are? Or maybe it does not even matter -maybe a HS English teacher wrote the so called research report together with an accounting student

    Remain hopeful - why not?? - and confused - do not want to believe there are such seriously corrupt crooks out there I guess and I guess place some credence *(sp?) in the new management team (always have been looking for a turn around situation - hate for it to be PRST at 3 bucks a share doubling back to 6 -- but if its PRST at 4.50 moving back to 8 and change - that would be fine)

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    • People sucked in by this "unbiased" report provided an exit for those "in the know." Those not "in the know" - the retail investor -- will take it in the shorts today. That's the way of the jungle when you're dealing with low capitalization not-followed stocks - where an unknown outfit like CGR can move a thinly traded stock.

      I wouldn't touch this stock until it is trading at a value equal to its cash.