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  • tigerpac tigerpac Jun 13, 2006 9:42 AM Flag

    bottom support missing

    <We need some signs of support>

    You guys are too funny....mgmt has bought millions of shares over the past year...another shareholder files that he and is wife have bought 525,000 shares, yet you guys claim there is no support.

    You have to remember that there was a former mgmt that has been selling shares and that most individual investors have had forced liquidations to pay for other margined stocks that have cratered during this general market sell off.

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    • In a market downturn 3/4 of stocks will drop. Pzzi is most likely one of these stocks. You can always buy in at a lower price.

      There is no buying activity and support levels have been broken. I still like pzzi long term but there are most likely down days ahead.

    • step back and look at that "big buy" of 525000 shares, doesn't it look to you as a straight deal between RP and that buyer. Otherwise RP's sale or their purchase would have knocked the market down or up more than a dollar, respectively. It is no indication of new interest and likely a fund close to the present owners stopping RP from ruining the stock as he gathers more legal fee money. owners could also be lining up even more votes for anything Newcastle has planned to drop on the little guy owner. You are too close to the scene and seem to not get the big picture. how can you overlook the spiral of revenues of this chain? what profit future lies ahead in your mind? And this stock has never been impacted by the general market. the volume daily wouldn't raise anyone to cover margin on other stocks. IMO