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  • CAGal7 CAGal7 Oct 12, 2011 2:46 PM Flag

    How to Finance

    Am totally new to this board. Like the company and the technical chart is very good. But now are they going to finance their expansions plans
    going forward/ Have not bought this one yet but need some more information

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    • So one of you thinks $5.

      The other $6.70 near term.

      My guess...and it is only a GUESS...

      IS that IF they announce any real news (partnership / distribution / franchise agreement / investment ) between now and say the end of this year...

      $7 by year end.

      Maybe $9 in the Jan - March Quarter.

    • Is it possible for somebody to think you are BOTH right.

      On the one hand...Pie 5 is not and will most likely NOT be the only one going after this concept...

      On the other hand...if they do it right they CAN potentially become a leader in this concept.

      The next 24 months means everything. that does NOT mean I think there will be ONE company take all in the next 24 just means that the leadersssss will be established.

      All that said - IF they do things right - this is a new concept - and new concepts can catch fire and really run.

      We shall see.

    • >>Throw your 20 multiple on the INCREASE and add it to the $2 and you've got $2.00+3.00=$5.00.<<

      No, the market doesn't throw just a twenty multiple on a company growing earnings @ 1500% next year, then 100% the year after that, then 50% the year after that, then 35% the year after that, etc., etc., etc.

      You want to put an 8x multiple on the baseline .25? Fine, then put a 50x multiple on the .15 run-rate I think Pie Five will be doing by late next year.

    • >>What is your short term target? (I know - a crap shoot)<<

      I have no idea where this goes in the very short-term-- I'm just convinced that it's at least an $8 stock (and maybe considerably higher) by the end of next year. I suppose you could take $8 and discount it back by, say, 20% to come up with a near-term valuation of around $6.70, so gun-to-head, that's where I think it could go over the next few months, but that's NOT a prediction.

    • Speed and quality will determine the winner.

      It will take at least 2+ years to see who is succeeding in a big way.

      Think it is key for them to actually run a good portion of their Pie 5's.

      Say a goal of 5 to 8 new Pie 5's in 2012 (Company Owned).

      5 to 10 + Franchised Units in 2012.

      Then in 2013 open 15 + Pie 5's Company Owned with 20+ Franchised.

      That will require investment in management.

      If in 3 to 6 months things look like they are progressing then the Market Cap may be higher with a share price in the $7's +/-.

      At that point a $5 Million Raise would go a LONG LONG way to support a fast buildout.

    • Theres no question that after they have 10 stores open & doing well, the stock would be higher.

      But there IS execution risk.

      Chances are, if they open 10 stores, 2-3 wont be doing as well as expected.

      If all 10 are doing gangbusters, then $7+ absolutely.

      Easier said than done.

      Else why isnt everyone and their brother opening copycat TopThats ?

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