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  • smaycs4 smaycs4 Mar 23, 2013 1:36 PM Flag

    Man, you were foaming at the mouth for MSON right before it tanked too


    I might need to sell my PZZI just based onthe fact that your hyping is a proven contra-indicator.

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    • Did your mother drop you on your head to make you so mean spirited.

      MSON is fine, and my basis is in the $4's,. Yes I own into the high $6's and I'm fine with that, they are a long term play for me. Besides, their one SMALL company in a portfolio of many, that include: REGN, PCYC, HALO, AAPL, DIS, SAM, SWHC, THOR, SSH, KKD, TSLA, ARIA, CERS, CLDX, FURX, IMGN, NVDQ, HOTT (being ACQUIRED), NKTR, OSIR, SSH, VPHM, WVVI, XOMA, ACAT, AMWD, EMAN, KEYW, TASR, etc., etc. to name a FEW. Read Peter Lynch's book, "Beating The Street" . He says his typical investment didn't yield results until the 3rd or 4th year. Like him, I'm looking for the 10 and 20 (and better) baggers. Yes, I trade in the interim, BUT that is chump change, and what I really want are the REGN's (aka 28 bagger FOR ME). MSON is actually way ahead of schedule, as I'm STILL net positive on it. What's your problem, are you short PZZI, and it's been going up on you??? Yes, they are a risky play (just like MSON), but thats what makes them FUN, and potentially HIGH REWARD. Plus, they are appropriately weighted in my portfolio. What makes someone so disagreeable as you are. Did you get fired from that Pizza Hut managers job, you mention so often, and you've become bitter??? As the kids say, "CRY A RIVER, AND BUILD A BRIDGE OVER IT", or aka, GET OVER IT, and "YOURSELF".

      If you don't like what I type, SIMPLE SOLUTION, don't READ it. People like you need medication, check out LLY, they have just the ticket for your condition.

      "Have a nice day"