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  • smaycs4 smaycs4 Apr 11, 2013 5:37 PM Flag

    They need to FIX Pizza Inn

    They cant let is stagnate with negative same store sales.

    The way I see it, they are IGNORING that side of the business. And they shouldnt be,

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    • More - you do realize they are in only 16 states? You also realize they are not in many major markets yet? You do realize they are just beginning to franchise a fast casual store chain Pie 5? I do not think the problem is with PZZI.

    • They way I see it is you are clueless and a moron. A former CEO who worked at Applebee's went to press and provided his expert opinion and you past your garbage. What a laugher.

    • "The way I see it, they are IGNORING that side of the business. And they shouldnt be"

      Ignored or not ignored, it must be taken into consideration that a new management team is in place. The new CEO came on board late last year and a new operations and marketing exec earlier this year. Prior, a new CFO. That said, and P5 excluded, the buffet, delco and express units are without doubt undergoing a top to bottom review. With less than 6 months on the job where new management is concerned, I think it fair to say that some changes will be forthcoming in regards to Pizza Inn side of operations.

      What changes and or initiatives do you propose?

      More stores closed in the last Q than were opened where Pizza Inn is a tired and old concept. As P5 gains momentum and greater volumes are achieved, Pizza Inn might be able to stream line costs on Food and Supply Sales to increase margins. New menu and marketing initiatives are always options going forward with respect to existing stores. The key, however, is to sell more franchises where the buffet, delco and express units are concerned.

      68% of the Pizza Inn units are located in Texas, NC, Ark and Miss.. As P5 grows, new markets will be exposed to the Pizza Inn brand. Hence, by focusing on P5, Pizza Inn is NOT being ignored. Despite this, the name of the game imo at present at Pizza Inn is focusing on operating efficiency as opposed to growth. Current numbers have to be improved and the most common way to address same store sales is on new menu initiatives and marketing efforts. On the cost side, savings on the Food and Supply chain. Something I think can happen as greater volumes are achieved with P5 growth.

      NROM has two strategies that I think can be considered in regards to Pizza Inn. One category is Take and Bake that could be rolled out at existing store locations. Another category is licensing the Pizza Inn brand in the frozen pizza market to grocery store chains and the like. Anyone with other ideas?

    • An IDIOT that I have on IGNORE seems to be saying that same store sales dont matter.

      Yelp does.

      Wow. I feel a LOT better.

    • Really? this is your assessment. Well please take a moment to read what others are saying on Yelp. There seems to be a far greater majority that do not agree with you. Yelp has some credibility to those who understand its history and function.

    • Sell them and go all in on P5. Only way to reach full potential on P5 stock.

    • They could try saturating areas with delco units then place buffets accordingly...I don't know why buffets are such a hard sell. I frequented a Pizza Hut in Williams, AZ, right off the highway for a few days in a row for the buffet, at only $6.29 and not many locals or tourists...even on Thurs/Fri at $4.99 with local high school logos worn did they have but 2 hand full of customers....I think if they were like weeds, like McD's are, and people could count on them being close by it would help.....Centainly there are many people like me, who are sick of the cheap burgers who can have, for the same price of a combo...great pizza, pasta, salad and more at a buffet. . . .what would you choose?....or they could sell Pizza Inn buffets to Cici's to convert and just delco.

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