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  • j4c8l j4c8l Apr 22, 2013 9:38 PM Flag

    Jsteveco730 revealed


    This idiot is classless and clueless.
    Check out the #$%$ he laid on everyone over at the jamn board. He's 1,000% wrong 1,000% of the time.
    The biggest classless moron I have ever seen.

    This topic is deleted.
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    • I was looking for you earlier. You sure got awful quiet. Is this your pattern of running and ducking for cover? My advisce is to spend less time talking and more time reading

    • And you of all people who only posts negative comments and threats to others. You are either delusional or trying to justify a unhealthy lifestyle. Either way I hope someone finds a way to eliminate you from posting hate filled comments here. Your time is almost up.

    • Thank you, Thank you, thank you all. it is clear you are not making money. Enjoy your life. You use the same words used to describe your ignorant lifestyle. You spend all of this time spreading hate. It was you that attack others and I simply respond and that is the source of your anger and hate. it is clear who the pathetic people are. it is the ones who turn to hate when they are exposed for making unintelligent comments or attacking others. You can't win. You were born to lose. You can't win at anything so just go back and run to your parents. People like you were taught to hate and one day it will catch up with you.