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  • jsteveco730 jsteveco730 May 4, 2013 12:34 AM Flag

    PZZI files S-3 for expansion and other development activities

    Very nice. A nice use of capital to maintain innovation.

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    • So this is what is called good dilution. I figure this trades down to $5.50 range. No amount of pumping is going to keep this up. Why, after the bell on a Friday. If they have all this franchise money coming in, why do they need $15M in capital? Is franchise growth slower than expected, that they will need to expand with company stores? You did read 3M shares. I bet you the first out the door on Monday!

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      • You are wrong. .

      • You are the one that apparently didnt read. $3 million is not 3 million shares. Did you pull $15 million out of your butt ?

        "to offer and sell up to $3.0 million of its common stock in one or more public offerings,"

      • Im not sure its even dilution because its WAY accrective to book value.

        I expect it to fall but I would wager it doesnt fall to $5.50 today.

        It may even fall to $5.50 again in the future but not because of this S-3 by itself.

        Besides, the s-3 does not REQUIRE them to sell shares no matter what the price does. I think its safe to say they wont float a secondary at $4.50.

        You sound like you care a little too much for someone who doesnt own any shares.

        Ive got a number of posters here on IGNORE including steveco and a few others. Not because they are bullish or bearish. Im ok with either. Its because they are full of #$%$.

        networth could take an empty gallon jug and drop a single eyedrop of water in it.
        And he would call it "half full". Id call it "empty".

        But, I havent ignored him....yet anyway.

        Im long PZZI. A secondary with the stock above $7 is a good thing FOR THE COMPANY. Its not a great thing for the near term stock price.

        Assuming they dont sell shares below $6.50, this could actually be a longer term positive because it might bring in new investors who would then support the stock in the future.

        Now, if they dump private placement shares at $5, WATCH OUT. Its going much lower than the recent $7.75.

        Im presuming they can get a secondary placement done with a brokerage firm at not more than a $1 discount to the recent price.

        If they float a secondary to Hallmarks buddies at a big discount, thats a negative.

      • Wow? Dilution? It never amazes me how people whine about every little thing. I see a company that is expanding its operation. As it expands it may need some addition cash to fund its operations in areas of growth or concept development or even implementing some of the newer concepts. Anyone who takes a knee jerk reaction to the S-3 filing as a dilution play only is really ignorant on how business are managed in this phase. Ignore the noise from these petty and unqualified people. Granted, anyone who thinks a stock moves up every day may be as delusional as our friend the Bucketlist. After all, when a company moves up 100% in a 30 day span - the laws of averages will come into play. In fact, I did take a lighter position too., So to my friend the buckethead - I can only hope his ignorance on this topic actually will back into a slight pull back. Otherwise, I trust there are far more intelligent people here than lunchbucket. What I do enjoy most about people like this are they things they conjure up are really good material for comedy. It would take me months to come up with some of the bone head statements here. I wonder if they really mean what they say? Can they be that ignorant and arrogant?