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  • ehukai47 ehukai47 Jul 15, 2013 11:38 PM Flag

    You Can Bet The Farm That This Stock Revisits $9

    What happens there will be the big tell. If the story is intact, and we are looking at 100+ under contract for what is essentially the first year of the launch and as many as 250 more under contract next year with visibility to 500 this will be a $30 stock easily. When it takes off on this low float it will really run.

    If it turns out this is the Chipotle of fast casual pizza and it can get to even a $500m valuation, this is a ten bagger from here.

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    • Here we are. Gets thru 9 and we could see an explosive move. C'mon CA!

    • We're filling the gap now. We get thru $9 and it goes to $20 which is still too cheap. This is a $40 stock even if the story just keep chugging along from here at this pace. No reason why it couldn't be there by YE if we get a reasonably supportive tape.

    • Agree - five store expansion announcements in the past month alone is a good indicator of explosive growth. The inflow of cash from fees collected through offering franchises will be significant. We still have about half a year to go and we are going to see many more franchises awarded. For the ones already awarded we will see stores opening each month - producing their own revenues on sales. And on top of all this - we all love pizza and now we can get it fresh and made to order in 5 minutes. This gives lunch goers a huge alternative to burgers and burritos.