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  • denn56k denn56k Sep 16, 2013 7:40 PM Flag

    MOD Pizza........Coming to get you.....

    approx 11"....any build your own pizza $7.17.........cheese only $6.17...........take that P5.......And just as many privately owned sites........and they have shakes!

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    • Wow...milkshakes. I always crave a milkshake when I'm having a pie. Why didn't anyone think of this sooner? Seattle is no threat to Pie Five and just like Subway, you have numerous players. It looks like P5 is way out front on lining up franchisees. Although some here believe the PI is a drain on this company. But if P5 was a stand alone company like some of these others, their costs are tremendous to do the same thing P5 is doing. A start up has to pay a CEO, CFO, trainers and rent, overhead, set up a distribution line. They have a huge nut to crack to break into this game. Can they borrow the necessary funds? P5's $10M in revenues less expenses, paves the way for faster growth. Not that we won't have some growing pains, but imagine the overhead of a copy cat. This den56k guy has an IQ of a fish.

      In the end there will be two big players and one medium player. The race is on and I'm very happy that 105 franchise's (and believe we are closer to 150), are set in motion. Who executes the fastest will be clearly the one to invest in. The shear fact that Five Guys franchise owners are getting on board, that shows they looked around at competition. Show me some of these guys getting in on MOD pizza and then you get my attention.

      Sentiment: Buy

      • 1 Reply to freetoquestionu
      • This guy freetoquestionu has the IQ of a clam................A lot of nothing in your p-brained message....P5 basically has a CEO for P5....VP P5 Development at $175,000+/yr......As far as the number of franchise sign ups?.....Meaningless....totally meaningless.....Since you can't read someone can read this to you...MOD is privately owned......And lastly....The fact that Five-Guys franchise owners are on-board is again meaningless......They should stay 5 Guys......