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  • vlahosa2000 vlahosa2000 Jan 25, 2005 7:56 PM Flag

    Just Like Before

    how high, will the next high be?????
    just your view.
    thank you for your help.
    and i think you are right. same thing happen last time. i feel next high will be around 21.00.

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    • If I knew for sure, I'd be VERY VERY rich by now! These days, a few millions is nothing and is not considered VERY VERY rich!

      But I can tell you this.Bbased on what I can analyse the numbers on earnings and financial info given at CC today, the future for AKS is very bright indeed. It can be anyway from $15-25 in a short time!

      Jim Wainscott, the very smart and dedicated CEO said he expects a $500M in operating profits for 2005. I must believe in the man with a good track record. I don't believe in those ANALysts such as fool Rich Smith and a few hedge fund associated writers with an agenda. Jim does have a good track record! He has fulfilled and successfully executed the business plan step by step as he set out to do since he took over the leadership at AK Steel!

      Based on the 500M operating profit, that's about $5 EPS as we have roughly 100M shares float. If the very conservative PE set at 10, you're talking about $50/share by the end of 2005! Let me tell you this also, most shitting companies such as tech, internet portals, bio or search stocks have a PE of between 20 or higher which is way out of line. Pure stupid, IMO. Some even have a PE of 50. Such a company, when you buy a share, you simply buy a piece of their toilet paper, because they have billions of shares outstanding! Unfortunately investors these days fall in love with the so-called "pretty" stocks without thinking if they are ndeed worth worth the price! I don't need to name such stocks as some of you may own any of them too. I can tell you that all the "pretty" stocks will tank big time- one day and you couldn't get out fast enough. Most will end up losing all their hard-earned money. It's just a matter of when!

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