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  • darnstockmarket darnstockmarket Dec 8, 2006 8:39 AM Flag

    what happend at ysterday's meeting?

    I though ak and the union were supposed to meet? was it cancelled? anything happen?

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    • zeh...

      Many thanks.

    • They get $150.00/week if they do 6 hours of picket duty. There is currently no published expiration date for this payment.

      Also, since AK has limits on the number of pickets per gate, I am not sure if members are guaranteed 6 hours per week.

      The $500K to pay mortgage and car payments is exhausted. There was very little screening for these funds. The 3 people I know that got it just asked. They each took $700-$1000, and 2 of them had jobs.

    • sam...

      Thank you. Information I didn't have. Do you know how much the strike benefits are and whether the period for such payments is indifinite?

    • The Local President and the Secretary Treasurer (as well as the part time office secretary) are the only ones to pull wages for the duration of the lockout. None of the other "Executive Comittee" members have drawn an official dime relating to AK aside from their vacation checks for the duration of the situation (perhaps "other funds", who knows).
      In answer to the strike funds: those were only made available after the election of the IAM as the international union. The old local AEIF independent did not have a strike fund in place.

    • cam....

      I believe every word you say about intimidation at AKS. I have had personal dealings with Wardrop. Unfortunately, his behavior gave permission for all of his minions to act just like him. It seems he took great pleasure in finding someone to blame and watching others blame one another. I do not know about contract violations.

      I sympathize with your quandry about other employment. It is almost impossible to obtain employment elsewhere while involved in a labor dispute.

      Where we differ is in our understanding of labor unions. My Dad was an Autoworker, and I do believe that at one time (quite some time ago) unions behaved like a brotherhood. That simply is no longer true. More than anything they are political organizations with their own agenda which many times is at variance with the needs of the people they represent.

      I do not understand the plight of each individual, but you guys are not functioning as individuals. It's more like a mob who thinks they can fix all perceived company abuses during this one contract negotiations. It's not going to happen.

      Each of you need to do what is right for your family, not the "brotherhood". It's a figment of your imagination.

      I suspect things will be in chaos until guys like you rise up and take over the local.

    • Norbel,
      Being one of the 'dumb' that stands around the fire each week, I don't believe you fully understand the situation of each individual's plight. It's hard to leave out 18 years of engineering experience off your resume. I was not hired by AK Steel, but by Armco Steel. I do admit AK did turn the company's financials around they did it through intimdation
      and contract violations from day one. Unfortuanately , I chose the union route and any other employers in a three state radius won't even consider me for a job. Their thinking is that I would go running back to AK, if and when this lockout was resolved. They are Wrong! I imagine there are 257 of my resumes in the round file as soon as they saw AK on it. Ironically, I sold my AK stock when it was in the 40's. A long time ago. So, I'm doing just fine. But many are'nt doing very well, but when you chose a side, I believe
      you stand by your brother. Have a nice day!

    • steel....

      How right you are, but I had assumed any strike pay had already stopped. It was my impression that the only folks drawing a check was the executive committee.

      Any idea how much these guys are drawing?

      At one point in my career I was able to bypass the local guys, cut the same a deal with the International I had on the table, and get strike benefits stopped. The local guys still don't know what happened. AKS doesn't seem to develop that kind of trust at the International level.

    • cam...

      Sure the union incompetents would meet 24/7. They have nothing else to do, and it would make them feel important.

      I'm sure the company has said about all they have to say and must get really tired of hearing these guys rant on about issues yesterday's unions whined about. The company will not change their position on contracting, period.

      These guys can sit out there until hell freezes over, or they can accept the inevitable and come back to work under conditions offered by the company (with some changes in the return to work plan).

      You are so right. Ignorance is bliss, and those guys standing around the fire drum on the outside are among the dumbest of them all.

    • spud...

      I feel terrible for the families of the former Middletown workers. However, the former workers themselves have shown more loyalty (they call it solidarity) to the misguided union officers than to their own families. They simply picked the wrong time to show how tough they are.

    • ak and the union did to meet.

      and no news is good news here!

      good luck to the longs!

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