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  • lkjdil029 lkjdil029 Dec 18, 2013 6:38 PM Flag

    Glad I took a position!

    I took a position two days ago with my retirement saving. Now I made about $20,000 on paper. Thank you for all your advice. Still think diversification is good for some people. I know this theory is widely preached in every school of finance. Sorry but not for me. This investment is better than my CD earning only 0.85%. I know it is risky. But hey, tell me what's not risky these days. Even U.S. Treasury bond is risky! You may be richer than Uncle Sam now!

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    • First purchase of AKS was at ~$6 per share after the crash in 2009, sold the entire stake from $23 to $25 a year or so later. Second purchase of AKS, I started loading in ~August of 2011 at $7 per share. Continued loading all the way to $2.80. Caught a lot of $%^& from a few morons on this board but I knew eventually it would pay off. Merry Christmas.

    • I am really lucky to get in two days ago just before this explosion. Thanks guys for your advice. I went all the way with my saving. I am up more than $50K now just a few days of looking at my computer. Far different from the days of working in factory! See you at $10 in two weeks or less!

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    • Uncle Sam is 16 trillion dollars in the red! Would you care to lend money to Uncle Sam, i.e., US Treasury Bond? That's why i say you may be richer than Uncle Sam. Don't know if this statement is true or not, but in my own limited thinking (sorry only high school level), I think you and I may be richer than Uncle Sam.

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    • Should I buy more tomorrow? That's another agony! It's never enough for something tasting so good. Any advice will be appreciated.

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