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  • dozerbeaglekmc dozerbeaglekmc Aug 26, 2006 5:06 AM Flag

    whats the deal

    When will this stock go up! They have overseas exposure, they have a good balance sheet very little debt. They have patents on key technologies I just dont understand what is holding this stock back. Their last two quarters have been excellent double digit growth. What am I missing? I've listen to the cc's and everything is upbeat. New products coming on line, and the coming upgrade at casinos to newer tech video games. Ive listen to IGT's cc's tact's largest client, and everything is upbeat there so whats the deal? Are there any problems I am unaware of? Please help if you know

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    • Very simple. Take a look at the insider transactions over the past 18 months. With the exception of a few buys from one director, all the insiders are selling. CEO, Sr. VP. They exercise their stock options and immediately sell the stock. They have no faith so why should outside investors?

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      • ert123: Your post is misleading.
        You are quite inaccurate in saying "all the insiders are selling"

        There are only three insiders who have sold shares this year and the amount makes up a miniscule percentage of the total all insiders own. To draw the conclusion you shouldn't have faith in Transact is a bit absurd.
        [Insider sales during 2006 to date: Bart Shuldman (the Chairman/CEO) has sold about 100K in 8 transactions. Michael Kumpi (Exec. VP of engineering) sold about 30K in 6 transactions and James Stetson (another Exec VP) made one sale of 12,750.]
        It is possible to "have faith" in a solid, profitable, debt-free company, but sell a few shares now and then.

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