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  • caminocasa07 caminocasa07 Dec 19, 2008 9:09 PM Flag

    2010 price target

    I am thinking that in 2010 (march) stock could be selling at a much higher level--guesstimate range$12-$16---this on the theory that global economy in recovery mode at that time---Tact
    could be generating revenues in 2010 perhaps as much as $80 million??---e.p.s. of $.80 in 2010+/-???

    Street estimates of $70 million + revenues in 2009 (2 analysts)
    2009 e.p.s. estimates: one at $.58 another at $.44

    My focus is on 2010 and 2011--everyone of course should continue to do their own due diligence--my crystal ball is
    still pretty hazy at this time

    Best wishes for Happy Holidays to all!

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    • The recent price movement has me completely lost. With their strong cash position and earnings growth it doesnt make sense that TACT has dropped 50% in the last month. Its now basically trading at book value. Hopefully they are ramping up that share buyback at these levels. With the possibility of pulling at least 4 to 5 million in free cash flow in fiscal 09 these levels seem ridiculous. Or am I just missing something? Also, the short interest in this stock has also completely evaporated. Hopefully the insiders come back to the table after earnings and pick up what they dumped off in august.
      I know research is hard to come by on this company. So here is some stuff that is kinda old but useful.

    • Thanks very much for recent responses---I have been following this company for a long time (since 2002)---a lot of volatility over the years!

      I am hopeful that 2009 will be the beginning of a long-term (3-5 year) period of a sustained growth pattern in both revenues and more importantly, earnings per share---much of course depends on what happens in the overall global economy-and in the casino industry---- there is no shortage of uncertainties.

      In the first 9 months of this year (2008), operating expenses included approximately $3 million
      in legal expenses---plus, I am sure a lot of management time. I am hopeful that operating earnings as a percentage of sales will increase quite dramatically on a
      higher sales volume---I do feel there is a lot of operating leverage inherent in this situation.

      Although in my opinion "street" estimates for revenues and earnings in 2009 could be a little high, there seems to be
      a lot going on whereby the street targets could in fact be achieved--in which case the stock should (theoretically) move higher even on a relatively near term basis---My primary focus however still remains on 2010-2011.

      We should know a lot more following the conference call in March.

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      • Camino, I too have followed this company a long time and while there is truly reason(s) for optimism on the revenue front, I am very skeptical about their ability to contain operating expense. The legal expenses you mentioned got us nothing. Where is all the royalty income? Look at Bart's compensation. It's off the charts for a tiny company. The board has just been sleeping and letting him spend money. I would like to share your optimism but unless they make some changes at the top I am afraid we may indeed have higher revenues only to be offset by higher costs. Bart is not at all on the same side as the shareholders. Remember, a couple years ago he was touting the company at an investor conference while selling that same day. Good luck to us all next year.

    • You may be right if they can cut costs. SG&A is horribly bloated for such a small company.

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