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  • livermore10 livermore10 Feb 21, 2013 12:00 AM Flag


    I'm getting the impression again that the "ask" is being set by someone with no intention of selling. It seems strange that the volume is so low even though thousands of shares were offered for sale just a few pennies above the "bid". Logically, on a stock like this, any seller is going to have more incentive to be flexible since they are the ones carrying the risk (especially on a OTC BB stock with little volume, little cash, no news, no fixed assets,...etc) and therefore should wish to reduce their exposure, whereas the buyers are carrying safe cash,and will take on risk only cautiously. The bid seems real enough though. But the "ask" never dropped for hours even though the market kind of crashed today. Ohr is one strangely behaving stock. Cheers to all my fellow "mensa" members. After all, anybody who can understand all the issues facing Ohr, has to be pretty darn smart.

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    • Hey liv..... Welcome back. The way I see it is NOBODY wants to give up their shares..... I'm hoping something comes out at the Macula Conference next week..... Want to take a moment to thank you for all of your hard work researching and educating everyone on this board about Ohr and its possibilities..... From the bottom of my heart I hope it all comes to fruition for everyone invested..... Especially you.... (And me of course LOL) !!!!!

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      • Thanks bmag. I hope it comes to fruition for the patients first and foremost since any success we have as investors will be related secondarily of course.

        bmag: if you also want to get some idea of Dr. Zasloff's personality, their is a youtube video of him discussing squalamine and viruses. Just google "youtube zasloff squalamine". He is the epitome of the absent minded genius..

    • One more thing is that on the 10Q released yesterday, there is the following referring to the squalamine eye drop trial:

      "The protocol includes an interim analysis upon the completion of the treatment period in 50% of the patients (approximately 60). We expect to complete enrollment of the study in 2013 and release interim data in the fourth quarter of 2013"

      So it looks like enrollment has proceeded rapidly and they have will enroll the last of the first 60 patients by the end of this month. Since the first patient treated was in December, they have been enrolling 20 patients per month, meeting their target rate of enrollment. So the first 20 patients, 10 of whom are on squalamine, have been followed up at least twice since their initial injection. For the insiders not to be diversifying their own risk at this stage, they must be very confident in success and therefore must have been reviewing the data as it comes in. I doubt that Ohr has a DMC (Data Monitoring Committee) since the trial does not involve a treatment that can be potentially harmful and the drug is still in an early stage of developement. Thus the company personnel are not going to be blinded to the results as they come it, though I plan on calling the company to ask about this at some point. Thus the actions, or more precisely the lack of actions, of the insiders may be the most telling clue we have about the prospects of squalamine eye drops.

      Also at the end of the 10Q there is this
      "management believes the Company has sufficient capital to meet its planned operating needs through November 2013".

      so management will have enough cash to last for 9 more months

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      • “the three months ended December 31, 2012, the Company recognized net loss of $2,218,352, reflecting the non-cash loss on derivative liabilities of $1,403,123 in other income, compared to income of $350,737 for the same period in 2011, reflecting the non-cash gain on derivative liabilities of $826,902. Excluding the non-cash gain or loss on derivative liability as well as the non-cash expense associated with the issuance of stock and warrants to employees and consultants, the Company's net loss for 2012 would have been $594,768 and $405,618 for 2011. Until the Company is able to generate revenues, management expects to continue to incur such net losses” Livermore I'm not so sure it's manipulation but my question is what were all those banned Dutch rabbits smoken to burn up all that cash playing derivatives? Must have been that medical MJ. they're on.

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