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  • stuartcreekfarms stuartcreekfarms Aug 15, 2013 7:53 AM Flag

    Were analysts at the Wedbush conference?

    I guess questions were asked and answered.
    Might there be an analyst recommendation come out of this?
    They recommend all kinds of dreck. You would think some analyst would be impressed with the potential for a huge winner, at a minimum. As long as the analyst makes it clear that OHRP is for speculative investment only. It's as good a longshot as any.

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    • Only "research" on this stock seems to be the PAID FOR BY THE COMPANY stuff. Vista for the past while. Last press release listed Lifesci Advisors as a contact. They are another PAID FOR "research" outfit. Interesting that this company can't seem to attract any actual broker analyst coverage.

    • Stuart, I've been trading full time for about 14 years and trade a lot of small caps, I actually enjoy doing all homework and fundamental analysis. The lack of interest in OHRP isn't unusual. The inefficiency of the stock market never ceases to amaze me and allows me to make a decent living.

      In my experience, I would suggest some of the following things are keeping OHRP stock price down.
      - OHRP is a reverse merger with a shell. Always a red flag.
      - Formerly a pink sheet stock, that uplisted.
      - No institutinal ownership. No mutual fund ownership.
      - Wasn't a standard IPO, so no investment banks know of it or promoting it from the IPO.
      - Haven't needed to raise cash via secondary stock offers, so not getting promoted for that.
      - No analyst coverage to speak of.
      - Squalamine was acquired for $200K in bankruptcy. Not a new story.
      - No mention of OHRP in financial press or general media. Exposure has strictly been in the trade journals.

      Low market cap & unconventional path OHRP has followed have not given it any exposure. There just aren't many people familiar with the story or looking at the stock. I only came acrossed the story researching LPTN.

      Personally the longer the stock stays low, the better, as I will keep accumulating shares cheap. Something I won't be able to do with Ophthotech. I agree that the Opththotech IPO might shine some light on OHRP. Otherwise barring some kind of problem with squalamine or a market dive, I would expect the stock to drift higher starting early next year as the PhII interim readout approaches.


      P.S. I grabbed a few more shares yesterday at just above $6.

      Sentiment: Buy

    • I hope a Wedbush analyst recommends OHR; in my opinion, the data so far points to a favorable outcome in the human trials, but of course the data has to be available to the investor community.

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      • That would be great if another firm besides, Brean Capital & Vista Partners would pick up coverage to lend addtional confirmation but the problem with Wedbush, Brean and formerly Burrill ( who covered until Burrill closed recently) is that their research no longer is pushed by a meaningful sales desk to a meaningful audience that could actually by OHRP outside of a raise as they typically only reach out to a small audience of institutions who could not possibly lay on a position without driving up the stock substantially or receive some form of hedge in the form of warrants via a deal to make up for the lack of liquidity and therefore risk. This is where the opportunity and disconnect currently in OHRP and many other microcaps exists....looking forward to the data too

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