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  • livermore10 livermore10 Nov 8, 2013 10:55 AM Flag


    go the the website of florida eye docs (Dr. Katz) and click on newsroom, then newsletter, then current and upcoming trials

    "Our second study for wet AMD using eye drops that potentially will cut down on the need for monthly injections is still enrolling participants. The study combines Lucentis and the study eye drops Squalamine Lactate, administered topically. “The hope is that with the administration of these eye drops twice daily, the frequency of intravitreal injections will be greatly reduced,” said Dr. Katz. “The results thus far have been amazing, as many of the study participants have been able to forego monthly injections as a result of the drug combination used in the nine month study.”

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    • Can that be real? If it is Livermore, that is one heck of a find. Are they part of the OHRP sponsored FDA trial? From the description it sounds like it is. Or is this their own trial? Almost seems a violation of FDA trial protocol to be commenting in that way.

      From the gist of that section of the eyedocs web site, it sounds like they are advertising for trial participants, in which case there is always the potential for them to embellish a bit.

      And if results are that amazing, why aren't they driving the stock price up with OHRP buying? I'm just trying to play devil's advocate here to make sure we think through all the potenial angles of such a web site posting.

      Regardless, a great find. Just grabbed a few more shares.

      Thanks for the leg work, it is much appreciated!

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    • to find the website, go to "fleyedocs". I think this is the most important news to have come out about squalamine ever. But I guess this news is not having the effect I thought it would have had. Still it's encouraging. Oh well. We'll have to wait until April. Aw Shucks..

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      • When was the last time you were at their web site? Any idea how recently it was updated? This is why I LOVE small caps that are unfollowed or underfollowed by analysts. Few analysts do the gumshoe work you are doing. They wait for it to be handed to them.

        Back in the 1990's I used to get great information by calling CFO's of small/micro caps, they loved to tell their story and no analysts were call ing them. Reg-FD buried that gold mine.

        For what its worth, I recently stumbled accross an old Mail Bag response by thestreet's Adam Feurerstein when he was asked about OHRP/Squalamine back in 2011. He completely dismissed squalamine out of hand. Said there was virtually no chance of 'resurrection'. The beauty of his response was that it was obvious he hadn't done 5% of the research you have done. Just based on my readings of your posts, I could have destroyed his arguments.

        I think it's great that Feurerstein is negative on Squalamine and that most analysts don't know it exists. As I've said before, if/when the story of Squalamines potential gets widespread attention, this stock will head much higher and will eliminate any chance to buy it cheap on good PhII news (which is how I prefer to play it).

        Your find is just one of many instances I've seen that refute any realistic belief in the efficient market theory.

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      • please feel free to comment on this post. At least go to the website and read it for yourself. I'm hopefully not overexaggerating. But after years of waiting for something good to come of squalamine this news is great

    • sheesh "have been amazing" not "been amazing".

      Also here is a patients story (under newsletter, go to a clinical trials patients success story)

      "Currently, over his five months of check-ups, Bob did not require a single Lucentis injection. “The drops are really doing what they are supposed to, and I know Dr. Katz is as pleased as I am by the results.”

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