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  • hugeman99 hugeman99 Nov 12, 2013 12:39 PM Flag

    New SeekingAlpha Article on OHRP

    I was grinning ear to ear when I got my email alert about an hour ago that there was a new article about OHRP on the SeekingAlpha web site. It was posted by some guy named Brian L. Wilson. Could that be Livermore10's true identity????

    Sadly, when I read the title of the article and it didn't include a $1200 price target (or something to that effect) it was pretty clear it wasn't Livermore.

    The article is a yawner if you arleady know the OHRP story, pretty much a rehash of the last three articles about OHRP on SA. No mention of Dr. Katz, no mention of Patient Bob.

    Not sure if Brian L. Wilson reads or posts on this board, but if he does, he isn't 'getting' the whole story of OHRP or what our now removed little tidbit of information could mean.

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    • ...where is Bob? Was he real? and how do u remove posts on Yahoo after they've been up for some time? These are the questions enquiring minds would like to know answers to.

    • hugeman; with that pleasant extemporaneous writing style of yours, only you could do justice to OHRP in a seeking alpha article.

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      • If nothing else, I know what gets their juices flowing.

        We're now flirting with an 8 handle on the price. I am as far from a technical trader as you get, but are we looking to break out of a 'cup & handle' formation? I think William O'Neil of Investors Business Daily fame calls that the most bullish chart formation there is. It looks like we'll hit resistance at the old 52wk high of $8.75. At that point OHRP will start hitting the screens of lots of technical and techno/fundamental traders. If it gets through $9 there is no resistance until the old highs around $16 in 2004 after that, the sky ($1200?) is the limit.

        Do I sound authoritative? Ha Ha. I HATE TECHNICAL CHART TRADING!

        Patient Bob just adds intrigue to the story for me.

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