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  • skb37_4 skb37_4 Nov 18, 2013 9:43 PM Flag


    I found this on regn board.
    Here is what Adam F has to say about squalamine:

    "adam feuerstein: if squalamine failed as a back of the eye injection, what makes you think it's going to work as an eyedrop? I think OHRP is wasting everyone's time."

    IMO - Livermore is a paid pumper and we should all be leery of his "advice". Less

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    • hello skb; I'm an ordinary doctor and ex-engineer. No one pays me of course for posting discussions concerning the Nernst potential, charged nanotubes, nuclear pores, or the role of calmodulin in the amplification of angiogenesis signals.

      And I've followed squalamine for 10 years. On the Genaera board, I posted my solutions of the nonlinear equations that modeled the dose response curves and pointed out that Genaera's approach was not going to work.

      I'm not posting much anymore because I predict squalamine will win and now we have Dr. Katz's leak which says that plainly ("the results thus far are amazing... many of the study participants have been able to forego monthly injections"). I've explained squalamine inside and out to everybody for 2 years on this board and learned a lot by doing so. My posting days are finished on squalamine. I'm moving on to a new area now.

      Adam F. hasn't done his research. Squalamine was never a "back in the eye injection". It was an IV (intravenous not intravitreal)

      Good luck skb

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      • Also just so no confusion. That was not my comment saying your a paid pumper. That was also part of the other guys post. I have bought this stock based on your posts and appreciate your feedback. I also want you to continue to post here and keep us updated. thanks

      • thanks to you both. I was not questioning you guys, just brining to attention what I read on REGN board. I am a young investor who was lucky to find a good job after college and has allowed me no debt, a free and paid off house and lots of capital. My luck so far has not been good in stocks, but I am learning and hoping to do well in this stock. Livermore please share your new investment for others to research as well if you be so kind. God Bless

      • Hi skb,
        I am also an ordinary doctor and ex-pharmacist with a background in pharmacology. I have read every Livermore post for many months now and did my own DD. I am ALL IN. Good luck to you and to Adam F. I appreciate the Livermore posts and hope to read more from him.

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