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  • investrforever investrforever Apr 3, 2014 7:26 AM Flag

    No institutional investors here

    I have read a bit about squalamine and it SOUNDS terrific as it is an eye drop instead of an injection. However, if it had truly great potential - then there would be a lot of institutional investors here. Adam Feurenstein does not believe S is prove to be successful. It failed to work before.

    Be careful here folks - this is a "make it or break it" type investment. Is the risk really worth it?

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    • really? you buy and sell what #$%$-Adam has to say? and why should anyone listen to you? barely worth a reply.

    • I almost spit my coffee out reading your ridiculous post. Go back and assess what you wrote.

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      • According to YAHOO - less than 1% of the shares are owned by institutional investors.

        This is a HIGH RISK venture. As many on this board have observed, the drs (specialists) don't see an eye drop being effective to treat a back of the eye disease.

        This drug was tried before and failed.

        If phase II is not a big hit - it is LIGHTS OUT.

        I know that so many of you have drunk L10's koolaid --

        I am not invested here. I have, however, been burned by biotechs before - and being sucked in by the so called board "experts" (i.e. L10).

        I do believe that Adam F is a pretty good analyst when it come to biotech investing. He has gotten some wrong for sure, but he has also gotten a lot right.

        I wish you all luck b/c I have been there before - but this does not seem like a good bet to me at all.

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