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  • stevensb63 stevensb63 May 9, 2014 1:58 PM Flag


    My professional opinion is that a lot of investers bought this stock on high like 12 -16 area ,they bought on margin when biotech was doing great now that biotech secter is down over 30% from its highs they are getting margin calls.Can I hear what the boards opinion is thx

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    • its tanking because people are selling. Dumb question gets dumb answer.

    • Conspiracy Theory - The stock's being pushed down deliberately by someone (who is helped out intentionally or unintentionally by Feuerstein) causing a panic among rank and file investors to sell, so that the valuation of the company is driven way down in the weeks leading up to data? On the heels of really great data after a precipitous fall, the company can then be snapped up for peanuts in a hostile takeover by a big player stepping in, instead of appreciating in value tremendously upon good news if it is already riding high just before data. A good cheap way for some entity to crush and steamroll Ohr, the little guy on the block, and acquire a blockbuster squalamine eye drop product through less than ethical tactics.

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      • ...perhaps that's why management exercised the private equity bfr. June's data release. The market timing was looking bearish for June, a potential blockbuster drop application IF successful IS a big threat to existing injection therapies and there's still a ways to go bfr approval. Prior to results, the company was easily manipulated on the run up by the same players that had raided the stock over the last 3 days on the way down. This after all after favourable data indications to date. The company has launched other phase 2 indications studies today indicating they are spending the $18mil on expanding the product's pipeline. If it's a bust why not cash in and run? No need for expanding it.
        Until I see otherwise there is no reason to believe the data will be a flop. Floppy the Dutch rabbit told me so!

      • keep dreaming, pfash.. you are good at that. No one is interested in OHRP. In order for a hostile takeover to take place, the stock needs to be purchased... and we have SELLING, not BUYING. Enough with your consipiracy BS nonsense. It's very simple. By now, the 9 months are up. News has leaked. The drug shows no eficacy, as I have been preaching for months. L10 and the pumpers flew the ship.. leaving you idiots holding the bag.

      • Are you another idiot!!! This board cracks me up. LOL All these theories. Longs can't except drops don't work and news leaking.

    • No biotech and no sector and no index is off by like 60%, like OHRP is.. so let's stop looking for BS excuses. The news has leaked, the drug has 25% eficacy. The stock is reflecting the news.. and will drift lower into the 5's before we bottom out.. and post news, will drift back to pennies. Just as PRAN did. Keep in mind that Orin is an #$%$, and he is going to cash out the second he can.

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      • GERN is off by 70% but that was from an FDA hold. OHRP had no such binary news. Leakage is conjecture just like everything else in terms of reasons. The shorts started piling on after we peaked. Assume they will cover bfr next months data release. Great market for traders. Bad for investors. It tanked because buyers are sparce and hedge funds can play market sentiment. Still has a long way till FDA. SP got pumped up too fast and that created this opt. for a few to capitalize on a downward move. So far I haven't seen any leakage except from Optimist and his bigamist side kick the wolf of wall street.

      • scratch that.. we hit close in the 6's today! HAHAHA! Losers.

        hey Josh, you tart.. how is your portfolio holding up?

    • its tanking because eye drops dont get to the back of the eye, otherwise it would have been done along time ago

    • The idiot L 10 pump n dump

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