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  • hugeman99 hugeman99 May 15, 2014 5:51 PM Flag

    SKS buy. This doesn't smell good to me.

    Yeah, I still have my shares. Yeah I'm probably waiting for PhII interim results, but frankly this doesn't smell good.

    Unfortunately I was away from the screens this afternoon so didn't catch the CC live. I hope somebody with some cojones asked some hard questions. The call is currently being archived.

    This is text book small cap biotech smoke screen ahead of bad results.

    When a company is in a position like OHR, just weeks from a potential monster stock move and a whole bunch of more important things to do in preparation for PhIII trials, why would you distract management with this move?

    I can't wait to listen to the call to hear the explanation. It's probably going to be something like.....adding experienced personnel to prepare for the next phase of the company, or.... we are filling out our pipeline.

    I really hope I am wrong, but unless I hear something unexpected, this is a bummer. I hope I don't go Opti on this company.

    Opti & Feuerstein will probably have a good time with this move.

    Sentiment: Hold

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    • Huge, Opti & Feuerstein are calling the shots at OHR Pharma.

      They fear that Phase II is not the success they & the mkt were seeking.
      They put there collective heads together and quickly decide the best remedy is to blow $3.5 mil in newly raised cash to set up a smoke screen.

      As majority owners of the stock, what would you be hoping to gain or salvage from this action.?

      Your response will be most entertaining.

      OPTI you first.

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      • oh wait, just because Huge had the balls to post something less than "cheerleading spectacular" with cotton candy, ponies and BS all over it, he is now deemed to be evil? Did it occur to you, even for a second, that maybe more than one person sees the dark side to this worthless company, that is clearly strapped for cash.. and maybe, just maybe, you are brainwashed by your fearless leader.. who SOLD HIS STOCK. That's right, loser, L10 sold his shares. So maybe now he is the evil one too.

        All the IDIOTS out there are prancing around at how many shares were offered as part of the deal. Did it occur to any of the IDIOTS that maybe the only thing the company could offer that bogus SKS company was shares.. they barely have enough money to sustain operations, so they couldn't offer cash, even if they wanted to. Don't believe the BS about all those suitors for SKS. No one was interested in that worthless company, with 0 revenue and a pipeline of BS hopes and dreams that other companies are already making money from in the way of approved drugs.

        Your post makes no sense "as majority owners of the stock" therefor, it's hardly worth further comment. Learn how to write in English.

    • Huge, just when I thought you had no brain, you shine with 1/2 a brain. Finally, someone that realizes the news is NEGATIVE. It's some BS smokescreen news.. again, at the WORST possible time. No buying after hours. Huge probably dumped his shares as well, just like L10 did. You idiots didn't think L10 wouldn't sell, did you? Think again.

    • Well, that was my initial reaction also. After spending a little time on the SKS Site I feel a little better. Slakter has quite a bit of FDA experience and is a consultant for REGN. Just having him on board would seem to be worth a pretty big number.....This almost seems like a means of getting SKS trading - a sort of reverse merger minus the shell....

    • Huge, did you check out the credentials of the science team at SKS? I don't think these guys would sell their company for some cash and 2.5 million shares of OHRP unless they thought the OHRP shares were worth a lot. To me this is further confirmation that the drops are working!

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      • Most biotechs get sold when they run out of cash. This has an interesting animal model for dry AMD but no data on any drug leads to exploit it, which means they are very early in the discovery process. This is a very low price for biotech assets. So, it could also mean this was the best offer they could get and still retain senior mgt positions, driven by personal connections to OHRP.

        The fact that a deal happened has ZERO correlation with whether there is a less than 5% chance that a 1.5 injection difference between Ohr-002 arms will be due to chance. Despite the customary rumors, OHRP doesn't know if the trial is successful or not. That is not how an *Independent* Data Review Committee works.

      • furthermore, this purchase may have been leaked explaining some of the price recovery this week. I think Mr Market is telling us it likes this acquisition!

      • dhm, you really are an idiot. You will spin the worst possible news as the best possible scenario. Moron, why do you think everyone wants OHRP so cheap? It's all in your mind. SKS is some BS no-name company. They also have nothing, so they sold their #$%$ to OHRP... and OHRP pushed the #$%$ deal through (notice all the restrictions on the deal), so they can SMOKESCREEN ahead of the big dump next month. This was a #$%$ deal, just like the PIPE. Wake up from your little cult, you fool.

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