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  • deacon.debra deacon.debra Jun 26, 2012 9:40 AM Flag

    Leave now if you

    Don't want to lose your hard earned money. This is the biggest scam I've ever seen. There will be someone posting here on this thread shortly (ghritz), he will try to convince potential buyers that this is a legitimate company. He will come accross as a big time investor. Click on his message history and you will see his only history, except for one posting, is nothing but pumping this stock. How many investors do you know that posts on only one thread? He is an officer of this crappy co. so he has a vested interest in getting people to invest in this crap. He also has multiple ID's. GO AWAY AND INVEST IN SOMETHING ELSE. I can't say it enough. Go away now. PLEASE don't be taken in by this thief.

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    • At least someone else can see things for what they really are.

    • Did you think you could get me to go away that easily? You are even dumber than I originally thought.

    • The message I posted was for anyone considering buyig this stock. If someone owns this stock they may as well keep it, it would be foolish to sell a stock worth .0005 cents. I'm trying to warn others who may be thinking about investing in this POS, this POS, this POS, that's what this is, a POS.

    • The definition of a basher is a sneaky dishonest thief.

      Enough said. Since you say people should post on more than one message board, why don't you go bother someone else you parasite!

    • Now you definitely sound like Adam denying something you said.

      What does "go away and invest in something else" mean? The only people on this board are the low-life scum like you an Adam and shareholders. So you don't mean for us to sell then? Yeah right. You act like you have the board here figured out so who are you really talking to?


      Why on Earth would you care about someone elses money anyway?

    • Say hi to Adam for us since I am no longer addressing his posts. Although I have a feeling I am addressing one of his MANY ID's used on this board.

    • ghritz Jun 26, 2012 10:09 AM Flag

      Hey, deacon.debt!Thanks for trying to "educate" the investors on this board with whom I have had good relations over the last three years, anonymous though they might be. Anytime I draw fire from retards such as yourself it's a sure indication that I'm onto something: in this case the Stuttgart arbitrage scheme. He surely doesn't want to lose your hard earned money, so like the other bashers on this board, he (she?) resorts to mindless accusations, the most preposterous of which is that I am an officer of the company. I would challenge deacon to prove this allegation, which he cannot do because it is false. Medefile has locations in Boca Raton, Florida, and Cherry Hill, New Jersey, both locations really handy to Dallas, Texas. My handle on the board is my email address and I have never used an alias.
      As to Medefile being a legitimate company, there is no evidence to the contrary. They have an advisory board, the members of which have impeccable reputations; they submit regular 10-Q and 10-K reports without fail, are HIPPA compliant, and have several associations that we hope will help build a substantial membership.
      As to my postings, my fellow longs know that I present only facts, appreciate the esteem in which they hold me and will continue to earn that esteem by presenting sources as well as facts that in all instances are verifiable. But I appreciate the attention, for as Oscar Wilde once said: "The only thing worse than being talked about, is not being talked about." Long and strong!

    • I know of a person that only posts on one stock - our message board idiot Adam. He, like you, has an obsession with a stock he doesn't own. Now explain that oh bright one!

      So what made you decide to visit our message board and magically know all about ghritz? You do know that you lied about him investing big time in this company right? He, like I hold a lot of shares that don't have a whole lot of value at this point. But a punk like you can't say anything to make me sell them.

      Is this Adam with yet another ID? Hey guys, have you noticed that since I started ignoring Adam, we keep seeing new ID's popping up on here? I'm just saying.

      By the way. Ghritz does not pump.

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