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  • deacon.debra deacon.debra Jul 2, 2012 7:04 PM Flag

    MDFI potential investors

    Lets see how much I lie. Anyone who wants to see how much I lie check out my post titled "Company Financials". If there is any doubt about the future of the company after you read that just read the other posts on this board. Any company of any quality at all has people posting about the company, not this one. All the posts on here are about which shs holders are stupider than other shs holders. Now, there will be posters on here saying I'm guilty of this. READ MY POSTS, They are all about how bad this co. is. You will see that every time I posted about this co. others posted about how stupid they thought I was. We have sh holders following other sh holders to other Yahoo boards to attack them personally. Not only is that childish, but the posters on the other boards don't care. They don't want that garbage on their boards. You may think, I can buy a million shs of this co. cheap, yes you can, there are a lot of very smart investors out there, do you really think the peope who buy stocks for a living never heard of this co.? Do you think you found a stock they overlooked? If you do then don't invest money you can't afford to lose, because you WILL lose it.

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