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  • reymom1960 reymom1960 Jul 23, 2012 5:24 PM Flag

    Medefile short sales

    There are some who have typed on this board that this stock can not be shorted no matter what. It is being shorted or at least that is what this shows.
    As far as the Stuttgart thing it should matter to those holding this stock. Where do the shares come from? Are they part of the original number released in the US? If they are then Ghritz is right they are being bought here and sold there. If thats not the case then where did they come from? These are the questions I want answered as a stockholder. I am also not going to bash the company I hold stock in to try to bring the price down even further, although I am also not going to pump it. I purchase shares as I see fit, as I have said in the past, after doing my due diligence.

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    • I'd like to know the name of the "lawyer" (I can't even type that without laughing) that was hired to investigate what's happening in Germany. He hired a lawyer in the US to investigate the happenings in Germany. "I would like to hire you to look into MDFI, it's an American co. that's worth .0004/sh. and is being traded on an exchange in Germany". I want you to help me and my man Tammy to find out why anyone in Germany would want this POS". "I don't have any money to pay you a retainer or fees but will you do it for me and Tammy anyway"? "Tammy is also an investor in MDFI and he is my girlfriend". "Please help us". I would love to find out what kind of attorney would take o this pittiful case.

    • ghritz Jul 23, 2012 7:42 PM Flag

      Yes, reymom1960, I saw the short interest information on EDGAR and it is another instance of criminal activity as MDFI is not a shortable stock according to;
      Thank you for posting the information, reymom1960.
      I also posted a message concerning Stuttgart and it was promptly buried by Adam and Deacon; that's how desperate these two are to hide the truth, so here's the post again;
      There is something strange going on with the Stuttgart connection. On Yahoo's home page STU is listed @ .002 Euros, up from Friday where no price was posted. But the STU Summary page shows only the current price as .00, thus concealing the true quotation (four decimal places) which at the current rate of exchange amounts to a share price of $0.0024 ($1.2089 x .002)- six times the domestic share price. This issue smacks of deception and I believe it's not accidental. What to make of all this?
      As before when I called in the SEC there were no direct responses from them but the complaints at those times seem to have been resolved. We will just have to trust that they are working on the matter and that some resolution will be forthcoming. We have not yet been able to identify the market makers although Steve Handy said when I spoke to him that there were (at the time) thirteen MMs with overall bid-ask ranges of $.0001 to $0.0013. I am working on identifying these players but would appreciate any information as to who they are. Long and strong.

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      • ghritz Jul 23, 2012 8:27 PM Flag

        I just rechecked the shortable stocks site and found that now MDFI IS shortable! Last time I checked it wasn't so the status changed sometime in the past three weeks. But this doesn't make any sense; why short a stock that's priced at four basis points? It all points to market maker and crooked brokerage houses, those with the ability to manipulate share prices from behind the scenes. Even if MDFI were not a shortable stock investors working with full service brokerage houses could still get away with it as past experience shows. The SEC dealt with this matter before and I'm sure they are aware of the latest developments.
        As for the legal action, I am convinced that Elite is part of the problem as they seem unwilling to disclose the market makers for Medefile, so while we may not know who all the MMs are we know who THEY are. I have to consult with the attorney as to the next step, but I am going to bring this matter to the Texas State Securities Board. I ask all longs to contact their own state boards and bring this matter to their attention. I'll be in touch with further news as it develops, but we are closing on these slimeballs. Long and strong.

      • More bull from the champion of bull.

    • Only a true shareholder like myself and you reymom, would ask these kinds of questions. The bashers don't care about the Stuttgart thing because they are probably behind it. If they were interested in finding out the truth, wouldn't they be open to exploring these kinds of things? Nope. And if they are saying this stock can't be shorted is pretty much lying to the entire board isn't it?

      But we already know tweedle-dee and tweedle-dum are liars don't we? Heck, tweedle-dum even said he wants the company to go bankrupt. That doesn't seem like something a shareholder would say. I am here to make money. That's it. And if I don't, that's my problem not theirs!

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