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  • gatorlabs75 gatorlabs75 Aug 2, 2010 12:32 PM Flag

    It's not just bout survival!

    Enough already Eric. Its trading at 0.50. It will 'survive' and will trade upwards on any news that causes any volume. Just a matter of time. That is how the markets work.

    Boy you put a huge effort into a stock that you say you have no interest in. Your personal bitterness towards Premier is clouding your investment judgement.

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    • ericfoster67 Aug 2, 2010 1:40 PM Flag

      I have never said I have no interest in the company - just because a person doesn't curently own shares doesn't mean they are not interested in it. As fas as news, didn't they just beat their numbers in the last earnings report? Did that drive the stock up? People (at least most) won't invest in a company just because it's a survuival story. You can keep calling me bitter or whatever you choose but poke a hole in even one of the points I've made with something that is based in fact. Notice I didn't intimate that that were going to not survive - what I said was that you have to do more than survive. People aren't investing in this company right now for one reason; there are better places to put their money.