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  • bagholder4life bagholder4life Jan 17, 2011 12:04 PM Flag

    Think I'll go watch the spook parade today...

    No market action. Might as well go. See you all tomorrow.

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    • The term "racism or racist" is used too liberally IMHO. Sometimes these terms are just, but many times they are used as a excuse. These terms cannot be used to describe a person if his words can be backed up by fact. Racism and the truth is opposites. No man can choose the color of his skin when he is born, but he can choose his actions. There is no difference between discriminating against a person for being ugly, tall, short, black, white or whatever one may view as a birth inferior quality. We should not judge someone for something they cannot help. But, we all have a choice to define our actions and we must not use excuses to justify our behavior. This is America, the land of opportunity, and there are seldom ever times when we have the right to use our race as a excuse for not succeeding. I have met many people of different races that I really like. I have met whites that are garbage and blacks that are good people. One cannot define a single person by the color of their skin. But at the same time we must understand that stereotypes exist for a reason. Most of the time there is a embedded layer of truth. I tend to agree with the guy about the poor black areas, I would not want to live there or raise a family there. I have friends that are black that express the same opinion and are also critical of their own race. I will finish by telling you of a good friends opinion. This should be a wake up to all black people (Bill Cosby tried to change things). My friend is Hispanic (Mexican). He came to the US with no predisposed opinion of Blacks. He listened to black rap music and had no animosity toward blacks. He had never been exposed since he spent his life in Mexico. After spending many years in America he now would be described as a racist by many, he is judging by seeing the actions of blacks that are around him. His uncle was assaulted because while shopping he told his wife he like a "Negro" shirt. A group of black men thought he used a racial slur and beat him badly. Why is it that we do not hear Asian, Hispanics, Whites, American Indians, Indians, and other people of America scream racism? Why is it that blacks use it more than any other race on earth? Because it is the easy way out, a excuse to justify their actions (of course one cannot put every black in this category). It is sad because at some point the word will have been abused to such a extent that it will have no meaning. Yes, there are racist in every race and if you deny this then you are surely not living in reality.

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      • I personally think opinions can be expressed without the need for derogatory terminology. Even if a person is correct in their view, there is no need to offend. Again, I agree with the guy that said poor black areas would be a horrible place to live and have a family. I don't really disagree with his point of view but definitely disagree with his delivery. I'm sure neither black nor whites would choose to live in these areas. This is America, and everyone is entitle to their own opinions so I don't believe anyone should be reported. I do wish that opinions would be expressed more elegantly and then these opinions would carry more weight and validity. As for any opinion...remember their are exceptions to every point of view. I had a good friend (white male) that went to a all black school. Oddly the government threatened to shut the school down because there was only a few whites in the school (2 or 3). My white friend said all the blacks treated him like gold. Of course this was a rural county school back in the 70's. I can also give examples in the other direction. Exceptions to every rule, but don't disregard the truth just because you feel that it will make you a racist. I hate racist but I love the truth.

      • The difference between a libtard and this mexican is that the mexican decides, with personal experience and observation, that negros ARE violent, racist and generally behave like primatives.

        A libtard will see the same and still deny negros are violent, racist and generally behave like primatives. The libtard has a agenda and no amount of reality will cause him to rethink his position.

        To all the deniers of negro behavior above, I say send your kids to a all neghro school. Go live among them in detroit or camden and see how pleasant they are to be around. See if you are not robbed daily. See if your kids are not beaten daily by the groids. Then you can open your mouths and talk.

        D.O.J. stat '04-'06 not one negro woman was raped by a white.
        While negro males raped about 50k annually during that period.
        Whos the better race?? Idiots.

    • I'm sure you are right, but I still can't believe when I hear stuff like that...I'll bet the guy has more graceful feelings towards his dog. (who, as cute as he/she may be, is not anywhere nearly as similar, to the man himself, as those he degrades)

    • Gee bag! That hardly seemed necessary.

    • ericfoster67 Jan 17, 2011 5:44 PM Flag

      That a'way to show your true colors. Now we all know that you're not just a dirtbag but a racist as well.