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  • ger.joness ger.joness Mar 19, 2010 2:17 PM Flag

    Entry point

    Anyone have an opinion of a good entry point for WPRT. I'm looking to add to my position.

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    • Let's keep in mind that one reason a "little Canadian company that could" such as WPRT *can* because it isn't saddled with the incoherent and often unjust health care expenses that warp American business. Health care reform is good business. Period. The secret drawback, which explains much of the resistance to it, I suspect, is that the bill increases taxes on the wealthiest Americans. I'd agree that w/ health care and financial reform tamed, the agenda can more quickly move on to energy and specifically natgas.

    • SWEET-!!

    • Cummins Westport Inc. and Cummins India Ltd. Announce Order for 460 Natural Gas Engines

    • You're more than welcome. It's always nice to hear from other people on this message board about potential investments that may be beneficial to one's future.

    • You got me! My dog is well.

      But it sounds like we're doing okay. Keep a good sense of humor!

      Thanks to the gentleman who recommended EVEP and PAA. And I know they're distributions from MLPs--and you're right: that may become a very important point in the future. I'm concerned that dividends may become taxed at a higher rate--I'm not as worried about distribution income from MLPs.

    • I do understand, i had a thirty thousand lb fire wall fall on me breaking my back in three places, and am fused at L5S1 6/4/1994, and then in 2001 I cut three fingers off my R Hand. It's hard for me to golf also. My father had a valve transplanted and is living with me, and my Dog is sick. I feel like painting a RED CROSS on my roof. lol
      I'll talk to you later.

    • Uhhhhhhhhhh just for a minor observation only. MLP's do not pay dividends, they pay a distribution to partners of the company. Just need to keep the terminology straight. You might want to also look at PAA and EVEP if you're concerned about bolstering your income with the others you mention. I'm not too high on LINE - I would rather have EVEP. I owned WPRT when the stock price was $3.25 - $4.00 a share. I thought it was a great stock coupled with CLNE. I sold the stock when the shares were re-priced to a higher dollar amount (made some nice profits in the following 3 months) - after staying away from this stock in 2009, I bought back in 2 months ago because I feel it still is a great company that will be needed for the economy in the coming years.

    • Hi: Yeah, I do get down to Ventana now and again. I like Nepenthe a lot. I came here because I lost the nerve to a diaphragm, so I have only the use of one lung. It has been a great place for me, great air, ocean breezes. I came from Texas so it's a big adjustment. Still, I have found the people to be interesting, and it's a great place to write--which is what I do now. Medical thrillers, to be exact. And there's no lack of material! Good luck with your investing. I have a feeling we're all going to be smiling with this stock. I don't personally think it makes two hoots whether congress enacts legislation or not, this stock will do just fine. My income is now 100% from the natural gas property my grandfather bought over one-hundred years ago. I don't think we'll ever see high-priced natural gas again, so I'm personally trying to bolster my income from natural gas-related stocks. This is one. CLNE is another. Kinder-Morgan Pipeline is yet another--it pays over six percent MLP dividend a year. But Linn Energy (LINE) is the best--it pays out almost 10%.

    • I'm not working today because I had a serious illness at age sixty-one and became disabled by it. Like many others, that's when I became truly overwhelmed by the medical system: $300,000 of treatment by one doctor, only to have another tell me it had been unnecessary, Blue Cross not covering many of my expenses, taking pills that cost $5 apiece, etc. I appreciate your sense of humor, and it's truly that, because I couldn't play a round of golf if I had a gun to my head. And a gun to the head is exactly what has been held on people in the US who need a potload of treatment. Could you afford a million dollar illness? How is your disability insurance. Might want to rethink. Pretty easy to be cavalier when you're robust. Much harder to do when you've taken a shot or two to the solar plexus. Not wallowing in self-pity; just stating the facts. But I do agree with you on one point: this company is a great buy. Good luck.

    • Well said - the people in need, whether you want to help them or not - they are OUR people.

      I used to live in Carmel by the sea myself BTW. Do you get down the Ventana in Big Sur? Closest to heaven as I'm likely to get. Jerry

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