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  • bigfatty_guns bigfatty_guns Mar 20, 2012 8:29 PM Flag

    BFG vs. Kevin Douglas

    As many of you might know, Kevin Douglas is the LARGEST bagholder of AMSC. Countless times while it was being pumped, hyped and propped up higher and higher, I highlighted the dangers of the profit-less business. I referred to it as a ponzi scam much like I'm describing WPRT.

    WPRT is still in the honeymoon phase much like the promises of untold riches with AMSC back in the dotcom days. Fortunately, spending enough time in MA, I got to know (now former) CEO Yurek of AMSC and the great scam he and the board were pulling. Ultimately, the business failed but was somehow reinvigorated with it's purchase (for less than $20 million) of Windtec. This gave his ponzi scam more time and even more shares (25%) enriching directors in a once-in-a-lifetime handout suddenly. The company latched on to the green wave and even climbed in bed with Sinovel/China. Ultimately, the company never made money on this ponzi scam either...racking up hundreds of millions in accumulated losses as revenues grew. So excited about the success of the stock skyrocketing, naturally AMSC latched on to Sinovel putting its assets and future at high risk to unsavory situations (to say the least).

    Well we all know how the story ends. I said at $40 the stock would tank to $3...where it is now. Alas, I find a similar situation with WPRT and strangely enough...Kevin Douglas is involved. How strange. Well, fortunately for me, Kevin bought tons of shares in AMSC from $40 on down to $4...clearly largest buyer. At the same time, he was buying up WPRT into the latest ponzi scam hype.

    So, it's BFG vs. KD. Place your bets. So far, he's winning (vs. my short position starting circa $45). If he can sell-out here, he'll probably win b/c I'll wait until $10 at best (my target). However, once the propping up and support changes to selling/profit-taking? Look out below. Losses are losses...and widening losses are even worse. Target $10.

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    • Update: BFG knocked Kevin Douglas out of the AMSC ring and his teeth are coming loose in the WPRT bout to $10 with WPRT. And somehow I feel like I have an unfair advantage with just a normal brain...

    • only 2 kind of buyers 10=15% short coverers the rest investors getting a great entry point. shorting not possible no shares available to short UP TOMMORROW

    • Every day they pound the table on this stock, and with the same, recycled news

      Isn't that what scammers do?

    • Well, you made a good call, on the TA, not the fundamentals of WPRT.

      You also conviently failed to mention the really big winning douglass investment like monster at .60 cents and a few similar others.

      You also didn't mention his purchases at 18

      Actually, there is a ton of stuff not mentioned by you.

      But nonetheless, if you did short it at 45 it was a good call, for the shorter term.

    • This guy is going to go broke just like the billionaire buying Bear Stearns over $100/share. WPRT pumped on nothing but hype. The more revenue it generates, the more it loses. Over $200 million in accumulated losses--unprofitable ponzi stock. Fraud St. has monetized all the hype once again...suckers still wanted.

    • It continues to be "no contest."

      If Kevin isn't smart enough to sell ponzi pump and dump WPRT at $40, well, I'll take his profit for him.

      How you doing with AMSC, Kevin? Still adding more from $40 on down?? lol

    • I wonder if he'll ride these all the way down to $6 like he did with AMSC (now $3s)?

    • Big names don't always save ships from sinking.

      Just look at how much GE has lost investing in AONE. How much INTC lost investing in CLWR.

      My entire point was I don't mind owning WPRT. I just don't want to pay what suckers up here are paying. Remember, these guys have no love for one another. If the price hits a certain level, they'll sell. If they don't, they're idiots and deserve to lose just like the fools that didn't sell in the dotcomeandgone days.

      Likewise, thanks for your input, too.

    • you make some interesting points all of which i am hearing but
      how do you account for both Cummins' and Ford latching onto WPRT and seemingly backing what they are selling.

      we're not talking Enron here...these are two MAMMOTH companies with pretty decent street cred behind them. I seriously doubt that they would get involved with some sham company to work with
      to develop nat gas engines?

      • 2 Replies to stomvi87
      • Stom, I'd like your comments here...unrelated kind of to WPRT.

        Can you possibly come up with ANY reasonable explanation how Buttbook can be contemplating a $100 billion IPO?

        Is this insane? CMI is worth $23 billion. I say the dotcom ponzi bubble b*s is back. I'm blowing the bubble whistle--probably early. Nonetheless the govt seems driven/obsessed with blowing the largest, EPIC bubble I've ever seen. And I've seen a lot.

        Annie's Organic Pasta just got a couple hundred million. It's crazy. Pasta! What's next, $2 billion IPOing Joe's Organic Sea Salt? Zynga, LinkedIn, Pandora, Tangoe, etc.

        Bernanke's Fed is feeding banks the cash and basically saying, "Blooooooow!!!" The banks are generating fees...all is good, right? But just look at the quality and valuations of in both IPO and secondary markets? It's dotcom crazy junk.

        Anyway, it's partially the reason why the red flags went up with WPRT. Although I feel it's way over-valued at $40, it possibly could grow into this $2.5 billion valuation over a longer time period. But Buttbook $100 billion??? After the Myspace debacle? It's dotcom insanity (again).


      • Good, fair question.

        My point is simple. WPRT is unproven at this point. Losses continue to mount and it's with revenues growing. I saw the same thing with AMSC but hesitate to compare them as apples.

        Regardless, simply WPRT has come way too far too fast. I saw AMSC hit $90 or so back in the dotcom days...all unproven. In fact, its super-con business is a complete bust. Without Windtec and transforming into a so-called 'wind company,' it would have been bankrupt years ago.

        I like Cummins. No fan of Ford. And who's to say GM or others don't "latch on." Again, show me the money. Seriously, WPRT's positive return on investment is so far out into the future it's insane. We'll need to see nat gas filling stations, distribution, etc. By then the price could be much higher and savings/incentive gone.

        Really, who is to say nat gas doesn't skyrocket with the first hurricane to $14/mcf or just keep rising (forced higher by Fraud St's psychopaths) like it did in 2008? Or $20 for that matter? Right now, there is a concerted effort to force down nat gas prices. There has to be. Why else would nat gas be $14 in 2008 when oil was $147? Right now it's $2 vs. $107 oil. And besides, where are consumers going to get 30% more for nat gas premium vehicles when they're tapped out as is? I don't see it for years if not decades.

        Ultimately, I do see nat gas supplanting oil, but it's going to take many years vs. over night. WPRT might do very well in the future, but right now it doesn't fit in its big boy pants...not by a long shot. Give it more time, I might revalue the company higher. Right now? $6 with continued/sustained losses.

    • He'll lose as bad on WPRT as he did on AMSC.

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