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  • tigith98 tigith98 Apr 3, 2012 12:32 AM Flag

    WPRT Motely Fool Stock Suckered People

    This stock is a big scam and I have lost all my money in it so far investing in its options. What a pile of crap, these motely fools sold folks. If you follow Motely Fool you deserve to loose your shirt folks. It hit $50 only to come down under $40 going to $10. Sheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeezzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz!

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    • First, don't play options, second, don't buy hype, great company, I waited for it to come down, I'm in cash bought stock 6 points below where the insiders bought.

    • By the way, the Motley fools started to hype wprt at about $32. They got the right stock. It will be $56 in 9/12. This is not a casino, only if you want it to be.

    • To buy wprt at $50 was a sucker play. But as I have followed and owned this stock for 2 years, I knew that. I'm in at 15, 17, 21, 27, and yes more at 40. The news from CMI was not good for wprt. However, I will be a buyer again when it hits and holds 43.50 for a few days and this stock will be over $100 within 18 months. Options are a tough play on this stock. By the way, I did sell 1/2 my position at 48.75, it was moving to fast. Here are 5 stocks that are all good for the nat gas event, they all should be only bought on the dips, I have. Wprt.Gtls, lng. These 5 will give u a 40%+ return each year for the next 3 years.Don't buy any on big run ups, no rush. Good Luck

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      • a fair price for the stock at the end of the year is 38
        They are not going to sell a lot any where in the world this year
        Lets sat 250% increase in Us ans 100% out side the US
        That would still not put them making money.So how do you come up with these dream prices
        Yes they will make money some time
        But this price of 38 is what you would pay in a couple of years,maybe 5 years
        So they are profitable in two years at what I think the profit will be
        38 would be a pe of 80
        So you think the stock should be double that and in two years have a pe of 160
        So when do you think they will make money anf what should the pe be
        support that with the profit and no of vehicles and how much per vehicle
        In a year or two average will be less than 20,000 with out tank and befor overhead thats 3.000 per vehicle
        will spend around 1,000 on research.right now its 50%
        another 1000 in overhead
        That leaves 1,000 in profit at most
        So we will give it a pe of 80
        Divide 80,000 that into double is stock price
        Thats a lot of vehicles
        A lot more than they are going to be selling

    • Another way to look at a fuel cell
      Its a battery that uses hydrogen and oxygen and produces water
      a battery can be recharged
      fuell cell no
      Because hydrogen and oxygen are gases not liquid like in a battery

    • You must be the one who bought my covered calls for 4.30 per share (you got too love it I say back up the truck here)

    • TIGITH98,
      What you might not know is that the motley fool recommended WPRT at about $17.00 last year. I waited and didn't buy it, so that's my bad. Now I'm frustrated as hell because I'm in at 39.17 and it looks like it might go down in the $20's because Congress isn't worried about the Natural Gas Act which would give trucking companies as much as a $64,000 tax "rebate" for converting their biggest trucks to Nat Gas. The rebates go are less for smaller trucks in a graduated scale. Anyway, when we get pushed into a corner by high oil prices (I don't know when that will be) WPRT is pretty well situated to benefit greatly. on Natural Gas conversion.

    • As I have said
      Just look the last time they issued stock
      Was about 18
      Sold done to 15
      thats about a 20% correction
      So the stock will trade about 20% less than this issue for a low and give it 6 months and than trade about 10% higher
      So as I have said a month ago
      You start buying at 42 1/3 in
      1/3 at 40
      and all in at 38
      I also said sell most at 48

    • Awe you lost money and its everyone elses fault now your mad. Too BAD

    • WPRT fluctuating 15-20% per month is normal, if you follow the chart history. Hang in there and you will be rewarded. You've only "lost" if you sell short.

      If you don't have the stomach for a volatile stock, buy something like MCD. [for the record, I am also long on MCD.]

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